Frozen Computer Screen Problem

Published by dipti, on February 7th, 2012, in the categories: Uncategorized

Is your computer screen freezes up frequently? If yes, this is the time when we should follow some steps in order to get rid of this problem. For most of us it not a new issue related to the computer. So let’s take a quick glance about what actually frozen computer screen means?

Sometime it happens that your computer screen freezes, means everything stops moving on the screen. In other words, you can say that computer becomes immobile and you can do nothing except to look at the screen and thinks ways to come out of the problem. Very first thing that you can do is turn off your computer for a while and then restart it again to check whether computer screen is working like before or not. Sometimes, freeze may be temporary and switching it off for a while may solve the issue but not every computer screen experience same temporary freezing problem.

So, for those kinds of screens, we have list of solutions that can be followed to solve the issue. Just like turning off and on the computer, another simple solution is pressing Ctrl-Alt-Del several times. You can also open task manager window and can close all the non-responding programmes that are running at that moment. By doing this, definitely you will lose your unsaved data but to solve the screen freezing problem, this step is must to do. Common reason why computer screen freezes up is related to RAM. Insufficient amount of memory left in RAM causes this problem. RAM helps us in doing multitasking on our computer system. If you are running multiple programmes on less RAM memory, then definitely this problem will arise like slow working processor, frozen screen etc.

Another alternative is to extend RAM in CPU. Try to have at least 1GB of RAM in your computer or laptop. However extending RAM memory will cost you a bit but this has to be done if the volume of work you do at a time is more.

Multitasking not only affects RAM but also computer speed. Even if your computer system has enough RAM memory, it is advisable not to run too many applications on computer simultaneously. This will slow down the speed of your computer. For running too may programmes on the computer, combination of internal configuration and hardware should be solid build-up. There is no need of visiting service centre for your PC maintenance as this can be done at home itself. Basic maintenance of PC includes defragmentation, running anti-virus periodically, cleaning up registry and so on. These things should be kept in mind and have to be done after certain period of time in order to avoid screen freezing problem and to enhance processing speed of your computer. You can also check online for diagnosing screen freezing problem. You will get end number of solutions online and all you have to do is select the one that you find is easy to use.

Always remember, slow processing speed of the processor or too much of load on the processor can be the prime source of screen freezing issue.

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