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Meanwhile In


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2.9 by 40 huffers
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Meanwhile In

"one word to describe his music, "why"."


What Others Are Saying

    • +31
    one word to describe his music, "why".
    • +21 jail.
    • +4
    He wouldn't even be a thought if 2PAC and BIGGE were still alive
    • +3
    He's a **** ****. Get over it twelvies.

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    I bet the rap toilet is solid gold and flushes Courvoisier.
    • -3
    Pull your pants up you **** head
    • -4
    lil wayne
    • -4
    click the next picture now
    • -6
    #JEALOUS much... Bitch he's the bomb like TICK TICK!
    • -6
    Ever since the emancipation, it's impossible to find a good driver.
    • -7
    HATER... He has more talent in his left thumb than you'll ever have in your LIFE!
    • -8
    Best rapper alive!
    • -9
    he's not grabing his junk... he's covering it! XD
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