Get ready to
leave your bank.

Find clarity in your everyday finances.
No surprise fees. No worries.

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With Simple, you can easily



Know what you can spend today without hurting yourself tomorrow.

One card

Use your Simple Visa® card to access all your funds at our bank partners.

ATMs everywhere

Enjoy the largest nationwide ATM network, Allpoint, with over 40,000 fee-free ATMs.

Create goals

Put your saving on cruise control to build wealth
one step at a time.

Plan for emergencies

Stop relying on overdraft protection and effortlessly maintain your emergency fund.

Stay secure

Your deposits are FDIC-insured and held at our partner banks.

Never miss a bill

Schedule recurring bill payments with ease.

Pay friends fast

Send payments in seconds to anyone, anywhere, anytime.

Split transactions

Quickly share dinner bills with friends or utility bills with roommates.

Real search, finally

Fast searching, throughout your entire history.
Save frequent searches.

Search naturally

Search for "dinner this month in Portland" or "less than $10".

No manual budgeting

We categorize your spending
so you don't have to.




Know what you can spend today without hurting yourself tomorrow.

Create goals

Put your saving on cruise control to build wealth one step at a time.

Never miss a bill

Schedule recurring bill payments with ease.

Real search, finally

Fast, natural search, throughout your entire history.



Why Simple?

We started Simple because retail banks have forgotten who their customers are.

This is who we are

Are we a bank?

No. We're something new in finance,
a well-designed everyday experience.

This is what we're making

Why Simple?

Banks are lazy. They charge fees when no fees are necessary. They make life hard when it doesn't need to be. They don't provide up-to-the-minute information to customers about their own money. Banks have become adversaries rather than advocates for their customers.

Simple is not a bank. We replace your bank and provide the clarity and sophistication that you need to manage your finances.

We love design

Because we've thought exhaustively about how you access your data, you’ll never break a sweat. We’re better because we've designed with function in mind. Simple is clean and intuitive, just the way it should be.

We love technology

We've fostered a nimble architecture to let us evolve rapidly. We've taken advantage of what's possible, rather than what was possible a decade ago. Natural language querying, real-time transaction data, and a Safe-to-Spend™ balance are possible, and now available to you.

We ask "why not?"

Why can’t your entire transaction history be searched? Why can’t saving for your financial goals happen automatically? Why can’t you answer questions like "how much did I spend at restaurants last month in Portland?" We've redefined what's possible in a financial service. Rather than telling ourselves and our customers, "this is how everyone else does it," we asked ourselves "what would I want from my bank?"

Are we a bank?

No. We're not a better bank, we're more than a bank.

This is what we've built

While your money is FDIC-insured and held with our bank partner, we provide the tools and customer support you need to manage, understand, and automate your everyday spending and saving.

We take care of you, our bank partners take care of your money, and jointly, we promise a superior financial experience.

We're more than your bank

We’re not just into finance, we're an eclectic group of engineers, designers, and mathematicians. It's our wide-screen and many-angled perspective that explains why Simple is the most approachable and thoughtful way to manage your finances. Simple is for everyone.

Spend with your Simple Visa® card, track your finances with our exquisitely crafted mobile and web applications, deposit a check with your smartphone, make a fee-free withdrawal from over 40,000 ATMs, and more. Simple makes it all so easy.

We're better than your bank

While your bank cashes in when you make mistakes, we impose no surprise fees — nor monthly maintenance fees, overdraft fees, low balance fees, and absolutely no hidden fees.

We're both safe and sensible

We positioned our customer relations center between our product and engineering teams, establishing top-notch customer service that is and will continue to be fundamental to both our business and our mission. While your deposits remain safe in FDIC-insured products with our bank partners, your sanity is made certain by our fast and friendly customer relations specialists.



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