The Digital Deck ‘o’ Cards Workout

December 29, 2010
By MarkFu

Are you stuck in the airport, the hotel or maybe with the in-laws due to the massive blizzards in the East and can’t get to a gym to get a good workout in, let alone get home? Here’s a great idea!

One of the most convenient ways to train anywhere, anytime and under just about any condition is the Deck ‘o’ Cards workout. All you needed up to now was a deck of cards to get started in this brief, but highly effective strength and cardio workout.

While you may not have a deck of cards on hand, if you have an iPhone or an iPod Touch, you can fashion your own DOC session and get sweaty and breathing heavy in moments.

Warm Fuzzy Apps has a new app, RipDeck,  that does away with the deck of cards and adds in some interesting twists. From their website:

“RipDeck is a workout generator modeled on a deck of cards. Each suit is a different exercise and the number of repetitions is based on rank.” The cards are shuffled and displayed one at a time. The workout ends after the last card has been completed. Tap. Exercise. Repeat.

Tap your iTunes account and download this gem. It is a great way to wedge in a tough workout when you don’t have a lot of time, the perfect “slumpbuster” if you are stuck or bored with your workout regimen or looking for a new and challenging way to train. No equipment is needed!


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