Deck ‘o’ Cards Workout

January 1, 2008
By MarkFu

 When you are traveling, time is short or you just don’t have the desire to go to the gym, all you need to have a great workout is a deck of playing cards. That’s it. If you want to add more stuff, that’s fine too.   


With fours suits you can have four different exercises done non-stop with a time under 20 minutes as a goal. After you shuffle the deck, you simply take the number on the upturned card and do that number of reps for the exercise you’ve assigned to the suit. Jacks equal 11, Queens 12, Kings 13, Aces 14 and with Jokers wild, you repeat the number of reps from the previous card but you can pick any of your exercises with that card.


I was going to do this today but filling in for me was guest exerciser Valerie Foo who was more than eager to do this little gem. Her exercises were: push-ups, sit-ups, squats and kettlebell swings and for her first time, she got it done in 22 minutes. She told me (but didn’t have to), the push-ups were the toughest. 


There are many ways to play this “game” and all of them will toast you! Whenever you travel, make sure you have a deck of playing cards with you and you won’t miss a beat at all in your training.

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