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Featured Projects

EDNEY A.P.; identity & branding
OSD; Tinker Hatfield Show Flyer

The 'GO; illustration & design

Seventy-Five North; identity & branding
'I RIDE.'; identity, branding & direction
Batch-at-a-Time; identity & branding

The Freighter Good; identity & branding
Kimberly Mahr; identity & branding
Nerdy Thirty; branded collateral
Cer Té Cafe Custom Poster Series
Making Invisible Histories Visible
Back Roads & Beaches Multisport
RDQLUS 'A'ight DEN' Tee Pack
'Invisible Children' Tee
'Talk Story with Jeni' Promo Flyer
2010 Omaha Mayor's Walks Campaign
Expeditiously Delicious
'100 Habits of Successful
Freelance Designers
Dyana Valentine; identity & branding
Jeni Herberger; identity & branding
Indie Images Photography
American Composers Orchstra
Mr. Get It Ready Contracting

Abigail & Adam's Wedding Invites
Trudy Williams; "Identity Therapy"

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Minorwhite Studios; "Art & Honor" Zero-Edition Poster

custom, limited-edition poster design

The principals of Minorwhite Studios paid a visit the the RDQLUS CREATIVE Annex, where a few pieces from my 'MSSNGR' art show are hung. They came across the "Art & Honor" piece and it spoke to their aims and approach in providing the most amazing results for their clients and themselves. So they got straight to the point; they wanted me to develope a custom variation of "Art & Honor" as a limited-edition poster to be gifts for their most valued clients& colleagues. A rare and strange request, but I respect the passion that they approached with so I couldn't pass it up.

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EDNEY Adventure Photojournalism; identity design & re-branding

Identity design & brand development

Jen Edney is an amazing photographer, but if that's all she was she'd be gloriously average. She is anything but that. What's more incredible is that the talented Ms. Edney is more a "visual storyteller" and adventurer than merely a simple photographer. Her pictures are featured the all over the world in sailing & adventure lifestyle publications. She is known for innovative maneuvering—camera in hand—to get shots that most photographers aren't even brave enough to try , let alone think about. So when Jen Edney approached RDQLUS CREATIVE to craft a new identity, it was immediately evident that "Jen Edney Photography" wasn't big enough to carry that story. Through the focused brand development process and many great creative briefing meetings masked as simple, engaging conversations, 'EDNEY Adventure Photojournalism' was born. But to finish the newly bolstered brand pedigree, a new mark had to be as clear and as daring as the person at the helm.

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Obsessive Sneaker Disorder - Tinker Hatfield Show Flyer

The world's only sneaker & footwear-centric, live call-in talk-show—Obsessive Sneaker Disorder—contacted RDQLUS CREATIVE to design a quick flyer for a special edition of their show. Knowing about my love of sneakers, streetwear and the study of the surrounding sub-culture they figured I'd be a good fit. Am I ever honored and glad that they did. The special guest for the show is none other than the legendary Tinker Hatfield; designer of the most notable athletic footwear in history—namely 90% of the 'Air Jordan' line and the 'Nike Air Max 90'. This man is the Steve Jobs of footwear; a fair comparison. His designs were athletic advances that became near runway-status fashion standards, as accepted as wingtip loafers and Jimmy Choo heels.

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Princess Lasertron; 2011 preview postcards

For Omaha Fashion Week 2011, 'Princess Lasertron' wanted to have a leave-behind to place on the seats during their night to "walk" in the week's festivities. The fast turn-around dictated that trick here was going to be keeping it simple while adding an eye-catching design that fit within the scope of the 'Princess Lasertron' brand. Making that task a bit easier was the amazing photography, shot by Bill Sitzmann (of Minor White Studios) and expertly guided by the creative direction of Sarah Lorsung Tvrdik ( A collaborative effort, even is spread out over time. Just the kind of project RDQLUS loves to jump in on.

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