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Make-up tips for photography »

Petit Elefant style

Unstyled Life »

Pancakes and French Fries

Stay stress-free with these simple suggestions 2012 is here and we want to make sure that this year is as fun, stress-free, and relaxing for everyone as possible. We know that life can throw in a...   more»


Starting the morning just right My alarm always chirps too early for my tastes. 6:15am to be specific. The kid has to be at school by 8:30, which means we have to be out the door just before 8, which means they get up at 7, which in turn means that if I'm not up by 6:15 I don't have time to shower, primp, and have breakfast before having to be on.   more»

It's my life...

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Petit Elefant

UrbanMom Salon: This blowdry comes with babysitting »

Marketing Mommy

How do you relax? Happy Saturday! Hope you’re relaxing and unwinding this weekend, as I am: We’re leaving the baby with relatives for the afternoon so we can go for some well-deserved pampering at the spa. Ahh…. an afternoon of bliss awaits!   more»

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40 Weeks and Pampered Last week was my personal pampering week.  I’ve done this indulgent routine a grand total of four times in my life, before each baby.  I highly recommend it. Pre-natal Massage. Having someone rub my aching back, shoulders, and legs is the least I can do for this bod. Pedicure. When the rest of me is...   more»

Trainer Momma
  • Jadah Sellner
    I have a roman tub (first time ever having a big tub), so I take advantage of it and take a hot bubbly bath 1-3 times per week. I light the candles, incense and put on some Pandora. Such bliss for me. <br><br>My good friend is doing an experiment of stopping work (unplugging from the computer) by 7pm. She works from home and the computer is her life line. She's enjoying the benefits so far. <a class="familysponge.com/health/what-to-do-once-the-kids-are-asleep/" rel="nofollow">familysponge.com/health...</a>
  • janemaynard (twfd)
    my latest goal is to just do my hair, no ponytail. so far I've been doing my hair about half the time. there's something about not having a ponytail that just makes me feel more human! :)
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