Meditation: Mark 7:31-37

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“He has done all things well.” (Mark 7:37)

Wouldn’t it be wonderful to see a healing as dramatic as the one Mark described here? It would be amazing to see the look on a deaf woman’s face as she hears her first words or to see a blind man gaze in awe and wonder as his eyes are opened. It’s too easy to confine God’s mighty acts to extraordinary events long gone. He acts just as powerfully every day—and in lives just like ours!

Some of us have speech imped­iments that hinder how, and how often, and to whom we talk about God. Thought and speech freeze up when opportunities arise, and we say nothing, only to endure our own reproaches later: “I should have said … Why didn’t I tell them …” Somehow, the words just never make it into sound, and we feel powerless.

Some of us have deaf ears or blind eyes that keep us from hearing the good news or seeing the kingdom of God around us. All we can see are the mundane realities of life. Nothing exciting ever happens, and we see no sign of the kingdom among us. And hearing the good news is reserved for Sunday mornings.

Some of us walk with a pro­nounced limp, habits of sin that we continually struggle against: anger, gossip, jealousy, judgment, lust, and the like. We resist and strive and repent, only to fall again. In our hearts, we long to soar like eagles, but all we seem able to do is trudge along on the ground.

Sometimes we just don’t look at ourselves and think: “God has done all things well, including me, with my own strengths, talents, and temperament.” But no matter how unlikely it seems, it is still undeni­ably true: God has done all things well. He did a good job of creating you. He has a good plan for your life. He even has a really good future in store for you in heaven!

Look at yourself in the mirror today and declare it: “God has done all things well—including me!” And if you immediately begin to think of arguments to counter that truth, recall today’s Gospel.

“Jesus, you know my life better than I know it myself. Touch my heart today and heal me.”

1 Kings 11:29-32; 12:19; Psalm 81:10-15

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