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Running on Cargo
Autumn Games director, editor, mgfx Canon 5D, fcp, afterffects A mini-doc to illustrate the art process for the upcoming 2d fighting game "Skullgirls". It was a...
director, editor, mgfx 
In Too Deep 
Cargo Records writer, director, vfx/animation, color grading RED, fcp, afterffects, syntheyes, color A music video promoting Chris Olley's solo debut "A Streetcar...
writer, director, vfx/animation 
2011 Montage 
Fat Droid writer, director, vfx/animation, editor fcp,aftereffects,c4dMontage featuring excerpts of recent creative work. The "catch-all" demo reel of my...
writer, director, mgfx/design 
Nowhere To Go But Home 
Saturday Night, Sunday Morning Records writer, director, vfx/animation super 16mm, fcp, combustion Music Video I directed in 2006 for the band six. by seven. We...
writer, director, mgfx 
Red Alert 3 Cinematics 
Electronic Arts Los Angeles editor, mgfx fcp, aftereffects Trailer from Red Alert 3, a game on which I was on the cinematics team, producing over 2 hours of...
editor, mgfx 
Laundry Night 
Short Film [mandarin, english subtitles] writer, director, editor super16mm, avid, fcp A romantic obsession between two very different voyeurs develops in something...
writer, director, editor 
Star Trek: Captain's Log 
Paramount, Bad Robot, mOcean director, mgfx, editor fcp, aftereffects, photoshop An iPhone app spot to tie in with the movie franchise. This was never aired....
director, mgfx/design, editor 
Thievery Corporation 
Live at the 9:30 ClubESL Music, Third Story Films designer, vfx/animation, online & finishing, editor fcp, aftereffects, c4d I cut the trailer, designed and...
editor, vfx/animation, mgfx 
Smooth Operator '10 
Design House, Third Story Films design, vfx/animation, editor afterffects, c4d Animated PSA for the annual road safety campaign.
creative director, mgfx, editor 
Geometry Wars: Galaxies 
Vivendi Games, GameStop director, editor, vfx/animation HD, fcp, afterffects Commercial I directed for the Wii game Geometry Wars Galaxies. This is the extended...
director, mgfx/design, editor 
Karoake Revolution Teaser 
mOcean, Konami, FOX design, mgfx fcp, aftereffects This was a teaser meant for E3 for "Glee" Karoake Revolution'. At the time the "Glee" license from FOX was...
The Christmas Bunny 
Honeycreek Pictures vfx/animation aftereffects, particular I was asked to add the snow and weather effects for this indie movie. [Video w/comparisons coming soon]
film, vfx 
Brütal Legend 
DoubleFine, mOcean visual consultant & director HD A live-action 1st person intro to the Tim Schafer's Brütal Legend starring Jack Black and a host of music's...
director, visual consultant 
Sierra vfx/animation aftereffects, c4d Animated logo for the promotional videos and dev diaries. I had to create the font using the TimeShift logotype as my...
RA3 DLC: Allied Excerpts 
Electronic Arts Los Angeles editor, vfx/animation fcp, afterffects, c4d Excerpts from the expansion pack's cinematics which I edited. These excerpts feature...
Latisse colorist HD, Color, Aftereffects Extended make-up promotional video. I was hired as the colorist for the series of mini-docs hosted by Brooke Shields. ...
color grading, online 
T.A.C.C. editor, vfx/animation fcp, aftereffects, c4d This political spot aired in California. Though against my personal beliefs, it turned out well considering...
creative, design, editing 
Gate Gourmet 
Del Ray Studios director, mgfx Canon 5D & 7D, fcp, afterffects A feel-good piece for the employees to highlight the company's uniform refresh during their redesign...
director, mgfx 
40 Years 
Turner Strategies editor, mgfx fcp, aftereffects Viral spot for various environmental groups to encourage policy action after the Gulf oil-spill.
editor, mgfx 
DJ Hero 
Activision writer, director HD Concept video I made for Activision to get the record labels and their musical artists on board for the product. Due to pressing...
Warner Bros Interactive, mOcean online & finishing, vfx/animation fcp, aftereffects, c4d, photoshop Series of developer diaries for Steve Niles and John Carpenter's...
design, mgfx, online 
C&C4: Tiberium Twilight 
Electronic Arts vfx/animation, mgfx RED, fcp, aftereffects Hired as part of the awesome cinematics team's swansong, I helped implement the RED color workflow and...
vfx/animation, mgfx 
World In Conflict 
Sierra creative, editor, mgfx fcp, aftereffects, DV Trailer for the RTS game, which premiered at CES as part of the Microsoft keynote. Aside from editing this, I...
editor, mgfx 
Bourne Conspiracy 
Sierra vfx/animation, color grading fcp, afterffects, c4d This is one of a series of BTS mini-docs for which I designed and animated the graphics and transitions as...
mgfx, online 
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