Lake Nacimiento Resort, Bradley, CA

February 10th, 2012 — Boat Ramp, Boating, Fuel Dock, General store, Guest Berths 

 Lake Nacimiento Resort is located near Bradley, CA on Lake Nacimiento

Phone: 805-238-3256

Marine Standby Channel: At this time the marina is only reachable by phone.

Average Water Depth: The lake levels vary due to seasons and weather changes. Please call ahead to check specific depths.

Is there a pumpout service?

No, not at this time. As with any lake, if you're visiting, it's best to empty your tanks ahead of time.

Is there a fuel dock?

Yes, the marina provides regular fuel at their onsite fuel dock.

What services are provided?

While there are no laundry facilities on site, the marina does offer restrooms, showers and a small convenience store for snacks, bait and tackle. There is however a great onsite restaurant that is almost worth the trip by itself.

Are any guest services offered?

Not at this time, but moorings may be available. It's best to call ahead before you arrive to check availability. The management is very friendly and willing to work with guests.

What you need to know:

This is one of the nicest lake marinas we have come across in a long time. Since this is a resort, it's the perfect spot to spend a week on your vacation. The fish in the lake are abundant and there are plenty of activities to keep the entire family busy. The rates are reasonable and we found the staff to be very helpful and accommodating. This is a great weekend getaway as well, and we highly recommend stopping by the restaurant at least once.

New management recently took over the marina and they are doing a lot to make improvements. In addition to the resort accommodations, you'll have plenty of campsites available and we found these to be very well maintained. You will need to make a reservation if you plan on camping or staying at the resort, and during the busy seasons it is hard to get in. We recommend calling a few months in advance to lock in your desired date. Overall, a great place to boat, fish and stay!

Is there a boat ramp? Yes, the marina does have a boat ramp on site.

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Boat Rentals & Marina Services

20' Ski BoatOpen Bow8 person capacityDay (8hr): $350.00Afternoon (begins at 1p.m.): $200.00Hourly (2 hour minimum): $75.00  
24' Pontoon BoatDay (8hr): $275.00Afternoon (begins at 1p.m.): $175.00$500.00 deposit required  
Afternoon rates begin at 1 pm.Rates do not include gas and oil. Skim tubes, kneeboards and other water sport equipment available.*Hourly rates are only available on select days at special times. Check with Marina Manager for more details. Rate subject to change without notice. Reservations required for Full Day Rentals
Peddle BoatsDay 8hr.Afternoon (begins at 1p.m.)Hourly $25.00$15.00$10.00
Kayaks/CanoesDay 8hr.Afternoon (begins at 1p.m.)Hourly $18.00$12.00$5.00
Marina SlipsDayWeekAnnual $20.00$100.00$1250.00
Dry StorageWeekMonthAnnual $50.00$150.00$600.00
Swimming Pool $3.00

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