Strawberry, Caramelized Pear & Blue Cheese Salad

by Marija on Apr 24, 2010 • 21 Comments
A few years ago I would have never even thought of eating something like this. Fruit is sweet and has no business inside a savory dish. I was so wrong. Strawberry, Caramelized Pear & Blue Cheese Salad Peel and core a half of one Williams pear. Slice it relatively thin...

Thick Carrot Soup

by Marija on Apr 4, 2010 • 18 Comments
Thick Carrot Soup Roast 800 g carrots using oven fries recipe. Puree in a blender with a clear broth of your choice. For me, about 800 ml of broth was enough. That’s it :) Enjoy the soup and happy Easter everybody!!!
appetizer / serbian food

Spinach Roll

by Marija on Nov 7, 2009 • 38 Comments
Spinach Roll Roll 500 g blanched and strained spinach* 100 g butter 100 g flour 100 ml milk 4 eggs 1 clove garlic (optional) salt to taste Puree spinach in a blender. Heat deep pan and fry spinach, butter, flour and milk for a very short time, just enough that...
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iranian food / main course

Persian Roasted Chicken with Dried Cherry-Saffron Rice

by Marija on Feb 1, 2012 2 Comments
Middle Eastern food is my new love. Food is warm and hearty and full of spices. If you make this recipe, you will know what I mean. Cumin and saffron and lots of butter :) I was kind of afraid of the amount of butter in the recipe, but the rice soaked up all of...
dessert / serbian food

Banat Struedel

by Marija on Jan 31, 2012 1 Comment
I can’t tell you much about this struedel. I know it’s made in Banat region of Serbia, but except that, not much more :) What I can tell you, even though this wasn’t what I expected and the dough looks very different than in the photo of the original recipe, is that it is great...
italian food / restaurants

Gallo Nero

by Marija on Jan 30, 2012 1 Comment
I am proud that finally, I am able to present you a Belgrade restaurant worth recommending. Following up are my impressions, and what Ana, my partner in crime thought you can read here. Colorful plates, polka dots, vintage furniture, figurines… Combination of a simple concept of the owner and head chef Alessandro DavĂ­, relaxed atmosphere...
appetizer / cheese

Homemade Cream Cheese

by Marija on Jan 17, 2012 8 Comments
Homemade Cream Cheese (original recipe) 2 l milk (2,8% milk fat) 360 g Bulgarian buttermilk* (3,2% milk fat) Boil milk. Let it get lukewarm and stir in buttermilk. Cover the pot and wrap it in a blanket. Keep like that overnight in a warm place to ferment. It will become curdled during the process. In...
french food / main course / Sale & Pepe

Rooster Galantine

by Marija on Jan 9, 2012 5 Comments
Rooster Galantine (adapted from Sale & Pepe magazine, Serbian issue for January/February 2011) 1 rooster, about 2 kg* 200 ml Porto 150 g prosciutto, diced 200 g cooked pork tongue, diced** 40 g blanched, peeled pistachios 150 g dry-cured pork tenderloin, diced 200 g bacon, diced 500 g mixture of pork and beef ground meat...
croatian food / dessert

White Pie with Hartshorn Salt

by Marija on Jan 2, 2012 8 Comments
I’ve made this pie before. The recipes are almost identical except for the use of an unusual ingredient in this one – hartshorn salt. It is actually ammonium carbonate, a baker’s ammonia and it’s used as a leavening agent since 17th century. What amazes me is how it came to their minds to produce a...
bosnian food / restaurants / serbia


by Marija on Dec 20, 2011 5 Comments
Walter is a combiantion of regular and fast food restaurant and it serves Bosnian barbecue. Besides traditional Bosnian decorations, the place is filled with photos from an old and very popular partizan movie Valter brani Sarajevo. That’s why the name – Walter. A catchy, unique and very effective combination. To talk about Bosnian food without...
dessert / italian food / Sale & Pepe


by Marija on Dec 16, 2011 6 Comments
Donuts? Wrong :) Cookies. Deep fried and rolled into sugar. These little ones are called castagnole and they’re Italian carnival cookies (not to be mistaken for frittelles). The name probably comes from Italian word castagna, meaning chestnut. Most of the time they are flavored with MistrĂ , an anise liquor. People tend to expect donuts when...
italian food / main course / side dish

Fennel Baked In Cream

by Marija on Dec 13, 2011 6 Comments
Fennel Baked In Cream (Finocchio al Forno) (adapted from here) 3 large fennel bulbs 3 medium sized onion 50 ml clear vegetable stock 50 ml white wine 200 ml heavy cream salt and pepper nutmeg dill a couple of thin slices of semi-hard goat cheese Cut fennel bulbs into halves, onions into quarters and place...
main course / side dish

Red Pine Mushroom Fry

by Marija on Nov 30, 2011 7 Comments
I found these mushrooms on a farmers market a few weeks ago. Never saw or tasted them before and for me that meant buying :) They tuned out pretty well. After all they are called Lactarius deliciosus :) Meaty, not so mushroomy taste. They went very well with the leeks and chestnuts. As the seller...
restaurants / serbia


by Marija on Nov 16, 2011 No Comments
As I promised a while ago, in the post about Lorenzo & Kakalamba restaurant, reviews about Belgrade restaurants continue. From now on, I join my friend Ana from Prstohvat soli in a new sections on our blogs concerning this subject. The idea was born out of lack of Belgrade restaurant reviews. True, there are some...

Banana Muffins with Streusel Topping

by Marija on Nov 3, 2011 12 Comments
Banana Muffins with Streusel Topping 100 g rolled oats 100 ml heavy cream 100 ml water 150 g flour 1/2 tsp salt 1/2 tsp cinnamon 2 tsp baking powder 1 tsp baking soda 50 g brown sugar 2 large, ripe bananas 75 ml sunflower oil Streusel 30 g butter 40 g chopped walnuts 30 g...


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