Learnings and inspirations via Pinterest

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Learnings and inspirations via Pinterest

I’ve been slowly collecting a variety of pins on my pinterest boards and am always amazed at how inspired I am by then and how much I actually learn by reading a few simple words. Whenever I need a quick dose of perspective or to slap myself back into reality, whether it be a worry, stress, fear or frustration, I read one of these suckers and bam, back to reality, like whoa. (and it sure boosts the running and barre n9ne hurts-so-good motivation, too!).

So I thought I’d include a few of my latest favorites on this fabulous Friday for a little dose of inspiration, perspective, and hopefully, a smile. Enjoy!

The next time I try to run before I walk, I will remember this one. It will come in handy as barre n9ne training gets heavily underway this weekend!


This one needs zero explanation. Zero.

A universal truth I never would have learned, had I not gotten divorced. I absolutely believe this 100%. Don't settle.

This screams my realization that I used to 'go halfway and then stop.' No more. Commit and you will see results.

Because I never thought I was a runner. I am a runner because I run. And I <3 it.

Failure isn't bad...failure means learning and trying again.

Live a drama-free life. This is my mantra.

I strive for this. The first instinct is to run from the challenge, from living boldly. This is my reminder.

Make time. For you. For love. For friends. And a little more again for you.



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