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  • Nano Express

    Optimizing the thermoelectric performance of zigzag and chiral carbon nanotubes

    Tan X, Liu H, Wen Y, Lv H, Pan L, Shi J and Tang X Nanoscale Research Letters 2012, 7:116 (11 February 2012)
  • Research

    Dynamical analysis of a biological resource management model with impulsive releasing and harvesting

    Jiao J, Chen L and Cai S Advances in Difference Equations 2012, 2012:9 (11 February 2012)
  • Research

    Nodal solutions of second-order two-point boundary value problems

    Ma R, Yang B and Dai G Boundary Value Problems 2012, 2012:13 (10 February 2012)
  • Research

    Starting solutions for the motion of a generalized Burgers' fluid between coaxial cylinders

    Jamil M and Fetecau C Boundary Value Problems 2012, 2012:14 (10 February 2012)
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