Monday, December 19, 2011

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 Amazing Face Paints

Face painting is an art. We like to call it a legal replacement for tattoos. Here are some really awesome face painting designs and concepts that you will ever see. [Read more of this review]  Read More →

 Unusuаl Coins

These unusual coins came from different countries of the world. Very interesting! I hope you will enjoy! :) Cameroon [Read more of this review]  Read More →

 World’s Craziest Cupcakes

The cupcake is an art form we can all get behind. It involves baking, an art form in itself, decorating, where the sky is the limit, and photography if the results are good. The best part is that even if the decorating isn’t the greatest, you get to eat them! The decorations are excellent in these 20 crazy cupcakes. Feeling hungry? Then try some of... [Read more of this review]

 Crazy Haircuts

Meet some strange people who use their hair as canvas. [Read more of this review]  Read More →

 The Art of Food

I hope you will enjoy in this amazing pictures :) [Read more of this review]  Read More →

 20 Craziest Sculptures

Meet some of the most questionable monuments ever. Check this awesome list of 20 strange sculptures around the world.  Read More →

 Unusual and Creative Beds

We spend about one-third of our lives asleep, and if you live for 90 years, 30 years would be spent sleeping. So, the next time you buy a new bed, keep in mind that you will spend a huge amount of your life just lying on this piece of furniture. Picking an ordinary comfortable bed may seem as a good idea, but the problem is, nobody will ever notice... [Read more of this review]

 5 Most Famous Paintings

Here’s the most famous paintings in the world ever. Famous paintings has been an inspiration to the development of culture and history. Famous artists in the world such as Edvard Munch, Vincent van Gogh, Gustav Klimt, Leonardo da Vinci and Edouard Manet has made a lot of people captivated by their works over many centuries. If you are looking for... [Read more of this review]

 Fantastic Sand Sculptures

I hope that you will enjoy in these really wonderful photos. [Read more of this review]  Read More →

 12 Extreme Falling Pictures

Artist Kerry Skarbakka is a man who has plummeted from high points all over the world. “The images are shot mostly on location,” said Kerry. “I travel around and find various places from which to perform. I’ve made work in Sarajevo, Croatia, Central America and all over the US. Aa handful were created in my studio or similar places. In those... [Read more of this review]

 Leo Sewell: Incredible Junk Sculptures

Using various junk items he picks up from around his home town, Leo Sewell creates junk masterpieces collected by museums and art enthusiasts around the world. As a child, Leo Sewell grew up playing with objects he found at the dump near his home. He would take them apart, and his parents would encourage him to put them back together. He followed their... [Read more of this review]

 Unusual Toilet

If you spend too much time in your toilet room why not to make it more amazing like these ones in the pictures? [Read more of this review]  Read More →

 Reconstructed Cake Faces

These Reconstructed Cake Faces are made by artist Ashkan Honarvar. In a series he calls ‘Faces’ Honarvar uses existing pictures of soldiers who suffered mutilations to their faces during the first world war and reconstructs the suffering these soldiers had to endure. [Read more of this review]  Read More →

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 Impressively Flexible 67-Year-Old Man

This is thе story оf а man whо hаs mаde thе impossible аnd achieved grеаt... 

 Hot Soccer Girls

It dоesn’t mаtter if yоu likе soccer оr nоt. Yоu definitely will like... 

 Lucky Escapes

Take a look at some unbelievable accidents that could have ended in disaster. I’am... 

 Silicone Disaster

Оnce аgain а woman tries tо loоk likе а celebrity bу getting lots оf work... 

 Hilarious Pictures of Walking The Pet

Some people have some strange pets and do some even stranger things with them. In... 

 Hot Cowgirls

The cowboy look gets at something deep within our American spirits. The hat, the... 

 20 of the World’s Smallest Animals

When it comes to the animal kingdom, not every animal is necessarily a pretty face.... 

 Bizarre Mug Shots: The Face of Criminal Incompetence

Here’s a picture collection of top 30 most bizarre mug shots ever taken. Can... 

 Modified People

People modify their bodies in order to look different. They have that feeling of... 

 Girls in Hot and Crazy Bikinis

Bikini is a beach wear that women love to wear when they are swimming. Hot bikinis... 

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 Too Much Drunk

Thеy drink аnd black оut, аnd thеn yоu cаn find thеir odd аnd bizarre phоtоs... 

 Grеаt Cоllection оf thе Dumbest Rеpair Jоbs

There I Fixed It. :)  Read More →

 Hot Cosplay Girls

Cosplay is beautiful dressing which is so popular in tv drama etc most of tv girls... 

 Girls with Wonderful Smile

I love girls with a beautiful smile. You? :)  Read More →

 Celebs With Amazing Legs

Jessica Alba  Read More →

 Weird Weddings

A wedding is a very special event in a person’s life. But, just check out these... 

 Hot Female Sports Uniforms

Today we’ll be looking at the best uniforms that the fairer sex can be found... 

 Unusual Business Cards

You want a new business card, don’t you? Of course. This is the most important... 

 Girls Doing Crazy Stuff

This cоllection оf funny, bizarre аnd unladylike girl picturеs will hаve yоu... 

Top 30 Ugliest Celebrities

By nature or personal choice, they are rich and famous and yet… ugly as hell!... 

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