Red Shoe Project…

 aims to prove that helping non-profits can be both fun and beneficial to all concerned. With a deserving cause and some creativity, spreading awareness is much more achievable than in the past.  RSP also recognizes that everyone has a different level of contribution that they are either willing or capable of making… and that’s okay!  You can get involved by simply submitting a picture!

So, how will this work? Simple.

 The Red Shoe Project has identified a very worthy cause in San Francisco called My New Red Shoes. This wonderful organization contributes to society by clothing underprivileged children for their first day of school. They give children a sense of pride… and we all know how important that is.

For a period of one year from April 2009, the Red Shoe Project, will focus on raising awareness for My New Red Shoes.  The goal is to significantly increase the amount of exposure that this deserving organization receives.

What we want is fun, easy and very achievable. We want you to take the most creative picture you can in a pair of red shoes! By yourself, with friends, colleagues, family or any way you think is fun.

Submit your photo (with name and location) to our Facebook group or directly via email.

 Before Red Shoe Project

After Red Shoe Project

 We will be displaying the pictures in a photo stream on this site to show the growing strength and the overall awareness that this project has achieved. At the end of the year, we will select some our favorites and create a video to share with everyone!

Red Shoe Project -- Current Video -- August, 2009

Watch Additional Red Shoe Project Videos!

Have fun, be creative! Let’s make an impact!

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