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The New Way To Live Deliciously: Cupcake Vodka!

 Ladies and gentlemen, it’s here. Cupcake has produced a vodka that is as rewarding and delicious as the wines that came before it. Handcrafted with the belief that good vodka comes from good ingredients, we used quality American grain, a touch of grape and natural flavors. We don’t add any unnatural sweeteners, because we don’t want our Vodka exaggeratedly sweet; we want it clean, crisp and {you got it} delicious. We are proud to put our Cupcake name on these four super-premium flavors of Cupcake Vodka. So go ahead, Live Deliciously.

Featured Cocktails

Cupcake Vodka was created to be smooth and delicious on its own, so of course you can enjoy it straight. But, when you do want to mix it up {no pun intended} check out our featured cocktail recipes for a few tasty ideas.

Join The Cupcake Convo

Here at Cupcake we want to hear from you! You are the reason we do what we do, since we believe we are creating the people’s wines and spirits; enjoyable, super-premium adult beverages that don’t cost an arm and a leg. Tell us what you think; feel free to chime in or drop us a note anytime.

Meet our Spirits Experts

Adam Richardson, head winemaker for Cupcake Vineyards, partnered with Doug Frost, a world-renowned spirits developer and Master Sommelier, to bring you Cupcake Vodka. These two both believe in the quality of well-made spirits, they don’t cut corners, and they have put in countless hours blending up a vodka that delivers the Cupcake promise to live deliciously. Meet this creative duo.

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