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Wed, 25 January 2012
 Bless You Boys Podcast 28: Prince Fielder and Nattering Nabobs of Negativity

We at Bless You Boys have said all through the off season we'll record podcasts whenever there's breaking news. Former Brewers 1st baseman Prince Fielder signing with the Detroit Tigers qualifies, you think? So we got the gang back together and started recording!

BYB Podcast 28 has a running time of 1:01, and features Kurt Mensching, Allison Hagen, Rob Rogacki and Al Beaton.

Topics discussed:

  • Prince Fielder? For real?
  • Was Tigers owner Mike Ilitch the driving force behind this signing? 
  • Is this contract all due to Victor Martinez tearing his ACL?
  • Have the Tigers become prohibitive favorites in the AL Central?
  • It's World Series or bust for Ilitch.
  • Jim Leyland has to bat Miguel Cabrera 3rd and Fielder 4th, right?
  • Where does Cabrera best fit in the field, if at all?
  • If Cabrera moves to 3rd base, what happens to Brandon Inge and Don Kelly?
  • A year from now, the Tigers will have Cabrera, Martinez and Fielder on the roster. Who plays where? Could we see a trade?
  • If not Cabrera, who will be the DH?
  • You may not want to, but there are some parallels to 2008.
  • The Cecil Fielder factor.
  • Can the Tigers afford 3 players making $20 million plus a season?
  • Is it too early to worry about future contracts and roster fallout 4-5 years down the line?
  • Let's not forget the Tigers still need a starting pitcher, and possibly a DH.
  • Is Yoenis Cespedes still an option?
  • We’re already seeing a backlash. Some pundits and bloggers say the deal is too long, too expensive, Scott Boras is evil, Fielder won’t age well, the Tigers are over loaded with 1B/DH types, they should have signed a starter and a table setter, and so on. Do they have a point? 

Brandon Inge mentions: Several!

Blogs mentioned: Fangraphs

We LOVE to hear from you. If you have any questions or comments about the podcast, please email us at BYBPodcast at

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Thu, 19 January 2012
 Bless You Boys Podcast 27: Replacing Victor Martinez

We said in the last episode the BYB staff would convene for another podcast immediately if there were news to cover.  The Tigers announcing Victor Martinez tore his left ACL and would miss the entire 2012 season is considered NEWS, with a capital NEWS. Thus, we recorded Bless You Boys Podcast 27 (aka The David Tokarz Memorial Podcast) to discuss the fallout.

BYB Podcast 27 has a running time of 57:11, and features Kurt Mensching, Patrick O'Kennedy, David Tokarz and Al Beaton.

Topics discussed:

  • No trolling, please!
  • David has an announcement.
  • How soon can Martinez return?
  • Should the Tigers go for the short-term or long-term fix?
  • WAR and Martinez.
  • Lynn Henning says GO BIG with a trade, Drew Sharp, in a moment of lucidity, says get Vlad Guerrero..
  • In house replacements: Why not Delmon Young or Ryan Raburn?
  • What about Ryan Streiby?
  • Unrealistic free agents, aka the Prince Fielder portion of the podcast.
  • Realistic free agent pickups, aka the pretty much everyone else portion of the podcast.
  • Is a trade possible?
  • Prediction time: What will the Tigers ultimately do in their attempt to replace Victor Martinez's production?
  • Bye bye, Zoom Zoom: Joel Zumaya signs with the Twins.

Brandon Inge mentions: Zero

We LOVE to hear from you. If you have any questions or comments about the podcast, please email us at BYBPodcast at

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Sat, 14 January 2012
 Bless You Boys Podcast 26: No rosterbation allowed

As the old saying goes, "Out of sight (or in our case, out of hearing), out of mind." With that in mind, here's the first Bless You Boys Podcast of 2012!

BYB Podcast 26 has a running time of 56:03, and features Allison Hagen, Kurt Mensching, and Al Beaton.

FYI: Old Time Family Baseball is hosting a weekend long blogathon ro raise money for Doctors Without Borders. They're good folk and it's a great cause. Click here to make a DONATION.

Topics discussed:

  • Holidays!
  • Pitchers and catchers report on February 20th. We were all burned out at the end of the season. Has the itch for baseball returned?
  • Justin Verlander, Conan O'Brien and Taco Bell.
  • Alan Trammell, Jack Morris, Lou Whitaker, Hall of fame voting and the stupidity of the BBWAA.
  • Rumor mongering with Roy Oswalt and Yoenis Cespedes.

Listener questions:

  • Corey Luebke, fan trade scenarios and rosterbation.
  • How will the Tigers fill the final rotation spot?
  • Will the Tigers go with platoons at 2nd and 3rd?
  • Really? Bad platoons?
  • Spring training invitees: Surprises?
  • What's the current status of ex-Tigers Magglio Ordonez, Carlos Guillen and Joel Zumaya?
  • Will Comerica Park be used in the NHL's next Winter Classic?
  • How would you improve the game of baseball?
  • Between Two Dugouts with the funny and mysterious Phil Coke's Brain: Was the interview for real?

Blogs mentioned: Brain Matters, Old Time Family Baseball.

Brandon Inge mentions:1

We LOVE to hear from you. If you have any questions or comments about the podcast, please email us at BYBPodcast at

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Fri, 16 December 2011
 Bless You Boys Podcast 25: Stalking Ozzie Guillen

The gang at Bless You Boys decided to get together one more time before the holidays to record the final Bless You Boys Podcast of 2012. It's our Christmas gift to you!

BYB Podcast 25 has a running time of 1:05 and features Allison Hagen, Patrick O’Kennedy, David Tokarz, Matt Wallace, Kurt Mensching, and Al Beaton.

Topics discussed:

  • Allison takes on MLB's Winter Mettings...and survives.
  • Brandon Inge got in a car accident, which is the only way he can hit something.
  • Meet Octavio Dotel!
  • We say goodbye to Ryan Perry, hello to Collin Balester.
  • Will Rhymes was non-tendered.
  • Could Miguel Cabrera bat 3rd in 2012?
  • Tigerfest cancelled!
  • Rumor mongering with Jacob Turner.
  • Billy Beane wants the moon for Gio Gonzalez.
  • Are the Hanley Ramirez rumors just Ken Rosenthal throwing crap to see what sticks?
  • Could the Tigers really be interested in Jimmy Rollins?
  • Any off season moves will be based on first acquiring Yoenis Cespedes.
  • Do the editors agree with the BYB readership, is a big move or two needed to win the AL Central?
  • Are you outraged over the Ryan Braun PED scandal, or do you have 'roid fatigue?
  • Albert Pujols and CJ Wilson get crazy money from the Angels...or are they crazy like a fox?
  • The Marlins are throwing around cash like Tony Montana snorts cocaine.
  • You should be reading the blogs of Phil Coke's Brain, Dirk Haywurst and Rogo.
  • Kurt's birthday is on Christmas Eve...and no one ever remembers.

Brandon Inge mentions:1

We apologize for the lack of listener questions. They were left out because the podcast would have been a good 6 hours long otherwise. They'll be back, so hang in there.

We LOVE to hear from you. If you have any questions or comments about the podcast, please email us at BYBPodcast at And listener questions will return...

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Fri, 2 December 2011
 Bless You Boys Podcast 24: Little Victor got the shaft!

We're baaaaack! The batteries have been recharged and there is news a-plenty, so the Bless You Boys Podcast has come out of hibernation!

A wide ranging podcast runs 1:36 (that's what happens when you take time off, there's a backlog of news), featuring the dulcet tones of Allison Hagen, Rob Rogacki, Kurt Mensching, and Al Beaton. We also introduce Patrick O’Kennedy as TigerDog1.

FYI: The BYB Podcast is now available for streaming on-demand on your iPhone, Android Phone, BlackBerry or Palm phone via Stitcher radio! You can find links to the app at

Topics discussed:

  • BYB has access! We're somebody now!
  • Allison is headed to MLB's Winter Meetings, plans to stalk Dave Dombrowski.
  • The history, the process, the results, the DIBS Awards.
  • Little Victor lost the DIBS vote? We want a recount! Heads will roll...
  • Justin Verlander sweeps the Cy Young and MVP!
  • Dave Dombrowski honored.
  • Manager of the Year = overrated.
  • Silver Slugger and Glove Gloves awards are not to be taken seriously.
  • Jose Valverde's option picked up.
  • Ramon Santiago re-signed.
  • Platoons at 2nd and 3rd base? It could happen...
  • The return of G$, aka Gerald Laird.
  • 40 man roster updates.
  • Why won't the Tigers talk about their arbitration decisions?
  • Rumor mongering with Yoenis Cespedes, Aramis Ramirez, Mark Buehrle, Octavio Dotel, Coco Crisp, Kelly Johnson, Maicer Izturis, Martin Prado, and Chone Figgins.
  • Stupid crazy free agent contracts.
  • Gene Lamont will not be freed.
  • Patrick breaks down the new CBA.
  • Final thoughts are just glad to be back!

Brandon Inge mentions: 2

We apologize for the lack of listener questions. They were left out because the podcast would have been a good 6 hours long otherwise. They'll be back, so no worries.

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Wed, 26 October 2011
 Bless You Boys Podcast 23: He is a manager, therefore he is a moron!

After months of weekly Detroit Tigers talk, and 23 episodes, the Bless You Boys Podcast is ready to take a short hiatus. The BYB Podcast will return later in the year. Heck, we may even be back next week if the Tigers pull the trigger on a deal!

But the plan is to produce a show whenever news warrants, such as for free agency, trades, and the winter meetings. We'll then return to a weekly format in the spring.

So this being the final show for what could be a least a few weeks, we wanted to make sure the last regularly scheduled episode of the 2011 season was fully populated with editors. We were ultimately missing one, but made do.

Bless You Boys Podcast 23 has a run time of 1:14, and features managing editor Kurt Mensching, deputy editors Rob Rogacki, Allison Hagen, and Matt Wallace, along with your host, deputy editor Al Beaton.

Topics discussed included:

  • Post playoff hangovers, who's got one?
  • Who's watching the World Series?
  • Tony LaRussa is a...he is...what the...Honestly, we don't have an explanation for his World Series game 5 shenanigans.
  • Dave Dombrowski, MLB Commissioner?
  • Most memorable moment of 2011.
  • Most forgettable moment of 2011.
  • We name our players of the year!
  • Possible off season strategies, will it involve trades or free agency?
  • Which players would be make good trade bait?
  • Listener questions were all over the place, including: Injury updates, Granderson trade winners, stop second guessing Jim Leyland, to tender or non-tender Delmon Young, middle relief, 2012 payroll and we hear rumors about chicken and beer.

Final thoughts: Thank yous all around, it's a podcast love-fest!

In this episode, the number of times Brandon Inge was mentioned is...well, just once. We won't ever have a BYB Podcast without Binge....though there are times when we wouldn't mind it.

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Sat, 15 October 2011
 Bless You Boys Podcast 22: I assume game 7 will kill me!

The ALCS takes a break, giving the staff of Bless You Boys time to crank out our 22nd podcast. And we finally have other editors joining Al and Kurt to talk about the Tigers- Rangers ALCS. 4 talking heads are better than 2!

Bless You Boys Podcast 22 runs 1:12 and features managing editor Kurt Mensching, deputy editor Rob Rogacki, and your host, deputy editor Al Beaton. Everyone's favorite pontificating run differential zealot, David Tokarz, joins the podcast about 30 minutes into the show.

Topics discussed included:

  • How are the editors holding up after another stressful series
  • Did Joe Posanski throw Justin Verlander under the bus in his media takedown?
  • Miguel Cabrera's double off 3rd base, just plain lucky or bounces evening out?
  • Injuries are not an excuse, they are a fact.
  • Tigers' starters are out pitching the Rangers' starters...but the Tigers are down 3-2.
  • Grading Jim Leyland's post season.
  • Name your Tigers' ALCS MVP  through 5 games. The 3rd base bag gets a vote.
  • Listener questions ran the gamut: Odds of winning the ALCS, lineup black holes, channeling your inner commenter to point fingers, Ryan Raburn, fearing Nelson Cruz, Austin Jackson's struggles, the Cruz - Verlander "staredown", the Tigers' bullpen playing in an NL park, a eulogy for Magglio Ordonez and JonMoz's contributes another lightning round!

In case you were wondering, we managed to get in several mentions of Brandon Inge. We won't ever have a BYB Podcast without Binge.

Final thoughts: David likes him some Dave Dombrowski, Rob welcomes newcomers, Kurt is damn hungry, and Al doesn't miss TBS.

We LOVE to hear from you. If you would like to have your question on next week's podcast, please email us at BYBPodcast at

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Sat, 8 October 2011
 Bless You Boys Podcast 21: Jim Leyland in a nutshell - Crusty exterior, soft as a Twinkie on the inside

The one day of downtime between series allowed us to recover just enough to put together an ALDS review/ALCS preview/TBS bitchfest, otherwise known as the Bless You Boys Podcast!

A skeleton crew recorded BYB Podcast 21, with a  run time of 1:06. This week the podcast features managing editor Kurt Mensching and your host, deputy editor Al Beaton.

Topics discussed included:

  • TBS is awful, incompetent or more likely, both.
  • What an emotionally draining series!
  • There was too much love for Curtis Granderson.
  • Did theYankees' Joe Girardi panic? Was he out-managed by Jim Leyland?
  • The Tigers' ALCS rotation.
  • Are the Rangers a tougher matchup for the Tigers than the Yankees?
  • There will be no changes in the Tigers' everyday lineup in the ALCS!
  • Are you as tired of the “Beat down, underdog city of Detroit's spirit is raised by their sports teams” narrative as I am?
  • Listener questions included rain delays, our ALDS MVP, Max Scherzer praise, stepping up in the next round, fearing Alexi Ogando, Al Alburquerque, lineup changes, the bullpen as a whole, we pick our NL favorite, and the return of the the lightning round!

And yes, we managed to squeeze in a mention or two of Brandon Inge. It's not a BYB Podcast without Binge.

Final thoughts: Kurt and Al shower the BYB community with praise!

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Thu, 29 September 2011
 Bless You Boys Podcast 20: We hear voices, tiny voices

After taking a very unexpected week off due to Al finding himself in the hospital (where I got to watch the Tigers clinch the Central), the Bless You Boys Podcast returns with a vengeance!

BYB Podcast 20 runs 1:04, featuring managing editor Kurt Mensching, deputy editor Allison Hagen and your host, deputy editor Al Beaton.

Topics discussed included:

  • Where were you when the Tigers clinched?
  • Scoreboard watching is fun!
  • 2006 vs. 2011: Which Tigers team is better?
  • Miguel Cabrera is not going to back into a batting title...unlike a certain Mets shortstop.
  • Post season worries, is there a tiny voice in your head saying, "Uh oh."
  • Who's on and who's off the 25 man ALDS roster?
  • Does MLB really need another round of playoffs?
  • Listener questions ran the gamut and included Top 5 lists, the Tigers' offense against top-tier pitching, 5 and 7 game playoff matchups, you be the 8th inning manager, X-Factors, Red Sox are desperate for a starter, AL and NL awards predictions, must an MVP come off a playoff team, catching and 3rd base in 2012 (we need our weekly dose of Brandon Inge), reviewing "Moneyball," and we give fashion advice.

Final thoughts: Allison is biding her time till Friday, Kurt says Mike Scioscia was right , and Al is ready for more podcasts!

We LOVE to hear from you.If you would like to have your question on next week's podcast, please email us at BYBPodcast at

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Thu, 15 September 2011
 Bless You Boys Podcast 19: Screw it, let's talkTigers winning streaks and the MLB Fan Cave!

We go with a slightly different format for this week's podcast. The first 30 minutes are Kurt and Al having a great time talking all things baseball, from the Tigers, Justin Verlander for MVP, playoff scenarios, 250 pitching wins are the new 300, to Alice Cooper's favorite team and Baroque's stuffed praying mantis, with Ryan Wagner of the MLB Fan Cave.

Ryan's job, along with Mike O'Hara, is to watch all 2,430 regular season MLB games this season, plus all post season games, which would be the dream job of any baseball fan!

On Twitter, the Fan Cave is @MLBFanCave, and you can like them on Facebook as well. On Twitter, Ryan is @RWags614, Mike is @Mikeyoh21. We'd also like to thank MLB and the Detroit Tigers for helping to set up the interview!

After our interview with Ryan,we welcome back to the podcast the Enforcer, Allison Hagen, to discuss the past unbelievable week of Tigers baseball.

The Bless You Boys podcast 19 runs 1:12 this week, and features deputy editor and host Al Beaton, managing editor and no longer curmudgeony Kurt Mensching, and the bullet point hating deputy editor known as Allison Hagen.

Topics kicked around included:

  • We're at a loss for words after another amazing comeback, just reveling in the winning streak.
  • How important is it for the Tigers to nab home field in the ALDS?
  • SBNation's Rob Neyer thinks the Tigers are a two man team.
  • Will we see more of Jim Leyland playing his infamous Sunday lineup down the stretch?
  • Who gets a playoff roster spot, Carlos Guillen or Brad Penny?
  • Do you believe in the Sports Illustrated cover jinx?
  • Listener questions included topics such as: Postseason rings, the possibility of a fan letdown after the streak ends, just screw it and go for it, thinking outside the box in regard to interleague play, and cleansing the palate of September's past.

Final thoughts: Allison is waiting for October, Kurt plays a lightning round, and Al is going to miss Ozzie Guillen's craziness.

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