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Welcome to the Limelight Knowledge Base

Below are answers to many Frequently Asked Questions. Please remember, Limelight does not offer legal advice.

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Mechanical License Basics (13) »

  • Can I add a UPC after I place an order?
  • Does Limelight cover international licensing?
  • What is a UPC code and do I need one?

How the Limelight Process Works (12) »

  • Does Limelight provide publisher / songwriter information for me?
  • How long does the licensing process typically take ?
  • Exceeding the estimated number of digital downloads

Pricing (3) »

  • How much does it cost to renew my license?
  • How does Limelight pricing work?
  • How much does Limelight cost?

Different formats / configurations (6) »

  • How should I determine the quantity of downloads/CDs units?
  • Do I need a seperate license for physical and digital releases?
  • What is interactive streaming?

Licenses outside Limelight services (11) »

  • Do I need a license for songs in the Public Domain?
  • What If I want to change lyrics / make a mash-up / use a sample?
  • Does a mechanical license cover the use of a song in a video (movies, YouTube)?
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