February 9, 2012

Training Log-Workout Of The Week

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I headed back to the gym this week for a few awesome lower body workouts.  This session has been the best so far.  After walking to the gym and finishing with my warm up, I noticed I forgot my resistance bands  , so I had to improvise with similar exercises that I wanted to do.

Here’s what my afternoon training session looked like….

Warm up – 1 mile walk
Foam Roll – 10 min

Dynamic Exercises and Stretches:  hip flexor stretch, neck rotation, side and overhead arm circles, arm swings, shoulder dislocation, overhead squat, dynamic hip flexion, leg swings, ankle circles, hip circles, cat-camel, glute bridge, spinal roll, hip flexor stretch, glute stretch, hamstring stretch, calf stretch

cossack squat start postion

cossack squat lowered position

Dumbbell RDL – 5 sets of 10 (love all RDLs… I always get a nice stretch in the hamstrings and real nice glute hit from these  )
superset with
Reverse Hyper – 5 sets of 20 (just used my bodyweight with a 2 sec hold at the top position; after 5 sets my glutes were on fire!)

Cossack Squat – 5 sets of 15 (these are one of my favorite lower body exercises I like to do to help build my hip strength, flexibility and mobility all at the same time;  I only needed to use my bodyweight.  I started in a wide, “sumo” stance with my toes pointed out; squatted and started the motion by shifting my weight to one side, kept an arch in my lower back and upper body upright, made sure my knee tracked over my toes and my foot on the “working side” was on the ground. My opposite leg remained  straight, with my toes off the ground and pointed upwards as I kept my heel on the ground.  I’m always trying to work on form and technique and there’s so much to think about when doing these!)
superset with
Single-Leg Elevated Glute Bridge – 5 sets of 15 (glute bridge position with my front foot elevated on an aerobic step, held for 2 sec at the top position)

Swiss Ball Front Plank -3 sets for 60s (had my elbows on the swiss ball and feet on a flat bench, I kept my core really tight and braced to keep my balance, so I didn’t fall off the ball  )
superset with
Swiss Ball Side Plank – 3 set for 30s

Cool Down – hip flexor stretch, glute stretch, hamstring stretch, glute bridge
1 mile walk home

I am starting to see results (and Jay is too  )… very excited about this!

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