Learning how to tell a time

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 My little girl is in Kindergarten. Their class did not do a lesson about a time yet. I am teaching her how to tell a time. She is very interested to learn too. By the time they have a lesson about time, she knows how to tell the time. This was his big brother’s clock toy. She can play it now because her brother does not need it anymore. Do your kids know how to tell a time yet? The clock is orange and I am linking it to Orange Tuesday. Do you have any orange to share? You can join us here.

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18 thoughts on “Learning how to tell a time

  1.  Mai on said:

    love the color! my five year old learned to tell the time by looking at the time in the computer and comparing with our wall clock. he knows what time it is when it’s his time to use the computer, haha. visiting from OT, mommy jess. have a great week!

  2.  Yannie on said:

    Hopping from Orange Tuesdays. I bet she’s a smart girl so does her brother

    •  admin on said:

      Thank you Sis Yannie for dropping by, do appreciate it :-)

  3.  Dhemz on said:

    ay ka cute jud ani mamiJess…ka bright sa anak kay kabalo naman mo basa sa oras…akong Akesh d pa kabalo ug basa aning analog…digital ra bal-an…ehehehe! great job for teaching her early mamijess!

  4.  Deli on said:

    Thanks for the visit :) Very cute and useful orange toy clock :)

  5.  Leovi on said:

    Yes, nice, I love that wonderful toy clock, greetings.

  6.  tejan on said:

    wow..ang cute namn ng clock na yan;) visiting back from OT..see you around!

  7.  Vhen on said:

    awww… na-tackle na sa class ng kiddo ko and yes she knows na how to tell time ung basic lang muna…yes sis, teach her na ahead para galing galing n siya sa school… :)

    thanks for the visit!

  8.  KM on said:

    sipag ni mommy magturo sa little girl nya :)

    visiting you back for OT!

  9.  Leah on said:

    Sweet :) I remember way back then made of wood clock lang ang gamit natin now made of plastic na or digital. Musta ka na sis. Hope you could visit my new post too about childhood days for sure makaka relate ka he he.


  10.  chubskulit on said:

    Thanks for reminding me sis, I have to teach my burritos this one. That’s a pretty clock!

    Orange Tuesday post.

    I would like to invite you to join Color Connection every Friday, hope you can join. It’s at my daughter’s blog. Thanks!

  11.  jared's little corner on said:

    that is such a cute clock! i bet you are having fun learning how to tell time. i cannot wait for when my mum will teach me that, too. have an orange-y day! ^_^

  12.  Jona on said:

    Smart girl…my son learned telling time already in school but he’s still confused :)

    Thanks for the visit to my OT entries :)

  13.  Leah H. on said:

    Like that cute and educational toy..

    Visiting for Orange Tuesdays! Hope you can stop by:)


  14.  Ruby on said:

    very nice for the kids to be taught things like that..thanks sa visit sis!

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  16.  Shengkay on said:

    love the clock..baby ko halos hindi pa masyado nagsalita..1year pa lang kasi..she talk a lot pero hindo ko sya masyado maintindihan..hehehe
    thanks for joining!

  17.  raya on said:

    love that orange shade!! you have smart kids, mommy Jess! thanks for the visit! late visit via OT


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