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New updated TDD, BDD and Testing Best Practices for Java Developers course
Our popular TDD, BDD and Testing Best Practices course has now been updated with new slides and labs, as well as including additional new topics on refactoring techniques and clean code practices....
by John Ferguson Smart
Swing in a better world: Static fields vs AppContext
The next entry of the Swing in a better world serial
by Alexander Potochkin
Building OpenJDK 8 on Windows 7
Recently, I got a chance to build OpenJDK 8 on a Windows 7 host. Thanks to a detailed article "YAOJOWBI - Yet another OpenJDK on Windows Build Instruction" on
by Frank Ding
Virgil moved to Github!
Virgil moved from Apache Extras to Github.
by Brian O'Neill
SwingX 1.6.3 Released
Information on the new SwingX 1.6.3 release.
by Karl Schaefer

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Poll Result: Most Java/JVM Developers Expect a Profitable 2012; Others Agree

In the most recently completed poll, the Java/JVM developers who chose to participate generally anticipate stable or increased job opportunities in 2012. A total of 373 votes were cast, with the following results...

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How to do slide effect between two forms
Since I updated to the new Lwuit 1.5 from the SVN, my slide effect between two forms stop working. I do the following: myForm.setTransitionInAnimator...
javax.xml.validation.Validator. validate(DOMSource) works in tomcat, but fails in Websphere
I am using IBM Java 1.6 on Websphere. I am validating an xml using an xsd, the sample code works fine when deployed in tomcat, but in WAS8.0. its unable to...
After moving Microsoft exchange mail server 2007 to 2010 getting error message
Our Requirement is : Read PDF attachment from mail box. After reading attachment, set read flag(seen flag) is true. This functionality is working as expected in Microsoft exchange server 2007 (Mailbox). We are using java API for setting read flag true. After migrating Exchange server 2007 to 2010...


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