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Friday, February 10, 2012

Double Sheeting a crib

No, not THAT kind of double sheeting. Not the kind that we did in sleep-away camp where your friend can't get their legs into their bed. Actually, I'm pretty sure kids use sleeping bags at camp now, not sheets, so that might be a very outdated reference.

I'm talking about one of the most important tips I learned for parenting. You put a waterproof mattress pad on the crib, then a fitted sheet, then ANOTHER waterproof mattress pad then another sheet. Sometimes I even do this another time. Note the importance of the mattress pad being waterproof. That way, when your baby/toddler/learning to potty-train child wets the bed in some way, you can just yank off the top two layers, the sheet and mattress pad, and the crib is all ready to go.

It only took one middle-of-the-night vomit session to realize that dealing with a sick, wet, cranky child is enough, I didn't also have to wrangle a new mattress pad and sheet onto the crib mattress as well. This has come in so handy, that I do it on the baby's crib, my 2 1/2 year old's crib, and I did it on my daughter's double bed when she was learning to potty train 2 years ago. I would even consider doing this on our bed, since it's inevitable that a sick child will throw up there too:)

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Thursday, February 9, 2012

The Loft

The fantasy-turned-reality of designing and building our house gave us plenty of questions to answer. How many bedrooms? On what floors? Long hallway or open stair hall? 

We went with five bedrooms (four already filled plus a guest room) around an open stair hall. The stairs from the main floor come up into an open space that we refer to as the loft. There are french doors out from there to the grassy backyard (we are on a hill, so the backyard is not off of the main floor).  Stairs keep going up to my husband's office, and there is a clerestory with 9 windows letting light flow all the way down to the entry. 

The loft space itself doesn't yet have a clear function, we are trying to keep it open for interpretation. It might turn into a homework space, rainy-day play space, reading nook, landing pad from the yard... One thing it isn't, is a TV space. The TV you see in the background was put there when we moved in. We moved about a month before construction was finished, so we only had the bedroom floor, that's why the TV was upstairs, right outside the nursery, clearly not a good permanent spot. (You can see our new TV here).


The wall right behind where that picture was taken holds our yearly photo collages. 

Do you see that lighter square at the top of the image above? That's the clerestory.

Here is our after:

Verona Chairs (discontinued) from Crate and Barrel
Olin Stripe Rug also from Crate and Barrel
Coffee table (7 years old) originally from Z Gallerie
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