3banana Notes

by droid2apps on August 13, 2010

There are a variety of apps available for note-taking on the Droid 2, each having their own level of functionality. One of the best apps on the market for this is 3banana Notes. 3Banana Notes is more robust than most of the generic note taking applications. Rather than just allowing for basic note taking, it has the ability to embed HTML tags and to add photos and links. 3Banana Notes allows you to pin notes or a widget to the main screen for easy editing and access. The barcode scanning option allows you to scan a barcode and have the number associated with it appear in the text note. Tags for notes can easily be created simply by adding a hash mark # in front of the tag. You can Geotag the location as well, allowing for a better understanding of the note.

Another beneficial feature on this Droid 2 app is the ability for it to sync up with Google. This allows you to create notes on the web or on the phone and automatically sync them with both places. This is very handy for creating notes from a work computer before leaving for the day. There are a few apps out that do more than 3Banana Notes, however most of those lack the user friendliness that this application has. The overall ease of use is a nice change from many of the other cumbersome programs for note taking, without giving up much in functionality. 3Banana Notes does not have an option to record voice files, but the rest of the bells and whistles more than offset the lack. A great productivity tool for the Droid 2.

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Layar Reality Browser

August 13, 2010 Lifestyle

Some Android apps are all about the function while others simply exude cool. The Layar Reality Browser for Android, using a technology that the developers call Augmented Reality, provides both. The way it does it seems like something straight out of a science fiction novel. Here’s how it works: Using the built-in GPS and compass [...]

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Google Sky Map – Droid 2 Apps

August 10, 2010 Reference

Google Sky Map is an interactive application for the Droid 2 and Android that allows users to scan and search the night sky in real time using the phone’s built in GPS. Utilizing an intuitive compass system, the virtual viewfinder within the phone zeroes in on almost any celestial spot within the sky, acting as [...]

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Google Goggles

August 10, 2010 Tools

Goggle Goggles for the Droid 2 is basically a visual search application. This app allows android users to simply take a snapshot of something and then search for it on Google. All you have to do is focus the Doird 2′s camera lens on the subject of choice, and the visual search is automatically initiated. [...]

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Calorie Counter

August 10, 2010 Health

The Calorie Counter app for the Droid 2 allows you to track everything that you would eat throughout the day. This app has a large database of foods from which you can match your meals. There is also a list of popular restaurants and chains whose menus are available in this database. In addition, you’ll [...]

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Aldiko Book Reader

August 9, 2010 Reference

The app grants Droid 2 owners the convenience of downloading thousands of eBooks without the hassle of a subscription, computer, or cable. An added benefit to Aldiko is saving eBooks on the SD card – a wise feature considering the eBook catalogs provide thousands of free titles, each with reviews and in-depth descriptions. More to [...]

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August 8, 2010 Sports

SportsTap is a Droid 2 app that serves to keep a sports fan aware of events in their favorite sports. It’s extremely popular, even taking the prize for “Best Sports App” in the first-ever Android Network Awards; that speaks volumes for users’ satisfaction with the app. The interface works in a very simple way – [...]

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Opera Mini Browser

August 8, 2010 Communication

The Opera Mini Browser is a new and convenient app for the Droid 2 and Android. It is designed specifically to give Android users the capability to surf and browse the internet from their phone, while not using up much of the phone’s bandwidth, allowing for simplicity and speed. This Droid 2 app is free [...]

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Facebook for Android

August 7, 2010 Social

With more than 500,000,000 active users, the popular social networking site Facebook is now available anytime on your Droid 2. The free Facebook for Android app shares many of the features your regular Facebook has, including the ability to check friend requests, messages, and notifications, “like” a friend’s post, update your status, or view a [...]

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