Valentine’s Day Commission Sale

Posted February 1st, 2012 by Alina

EDIT: The live drawings will take place on February 11 & 12. Please watch my twitter feed for the start time!

It’s that time of year again, my friends. The time of year when the stores are full of crappy chocolates and over-scented fake roses, and the radio ads continually remind us how much we want to buy diamonds for that ‘someone special’. Pssh… Yeah. Like some hunk of rock could compete with a geeky present!! (Unless said hunk of rock happens to be gemstone dice…)

So, since it went over so well last year, I’m bringing back the Valentine’s Day Commission Sale! Give your S.O. a picture of their beloved D&D character, or treat yourself! (We don’t stand on ceremony here – Valentine’s Day is a silly holiday, but at least we can usurp it for nefarious geeky purposes!)

I’ll be drawing these commissions live on February 11 & 12, and everyone will receive a digital copy of their commission before February 14th. Any genre (steampunk, anime, etc.) is welcome, and I’ll draw pretty much anything (as long as it’s PG-13!).

For further details, please visit the Commission Sale section of the Store.




Posted January 30th, 2012 by Alina

Will you be in Victoria, B.C. this weekend? Do you want to play a ton of games AND meet some webcomics people? Well, come out to GottaCon! Both myself and Sam of Sam and Fuzzy will have a table in the main room, where we will have a variety of geeky t-shirts, books, and high-fives for everyone who stops by. Look forward to seeing you there!


New Shirts in the store!

Posted January 25th, 2012 by Alina

Hey everyone! I know that it’s still early for most folks, but since I’m already gearing up for the upcoming convention season, I thought you guys might like to do so as well. After all, when you’re going to Geek Prom, it’s often best to come well dressed.

Here’s our two new t-shirt designs: Orc Love & Displacer Kitty

But the new shirts aren’t the only new thing in the store – there’s also some ORIGINAL ART for sale! More original art will be posted over the next few days, so please check back often. And, if there’s a piece of original art that you’ve had your eye on (either a particular strip or some of the Friday sketches), please send me an email!


Insectoid fairies

Posted January 20th, 2012 by Alina

Was in the mood for doodling fairies, (I’m sure the Changeling game I’m playing in has nothing to do with that urge!) and decided to do a take on the small, petal-clad fairies that you usually see. These one are bug fairies, the more badass cousins of the flower fairies of Cicely Mary Barker fame.

These particular drawings were just me futzing around with my sketchbook and a ballpoint pen, but now that I’ve got the basics worked out, I really want to try a watercolor piece in her style. I think the dragonfly fairy could be particularly ethereal and malicious looking with a little work on the design.


Posted January 18th, 2012 by Alina


My comic has not gone black, but a lot of the internet has and I support them fully. SOPA & PIPA are a poorly thought-out bills that will have a huge impact on small business like the webcomics you enjoy on a daily basis – even ones not based in the U.S, like mine! As I Canadian, I don’t get a say in whether or not these bills pass, so it’s all up to you, American Weregeeks.

Here are a few easy things you can do:

- Educate yourself about how SOPA and PIPA work.

- Print and mail letters to your state’s senators and representatives, urging them not to support this. Physical mail is harder to ignore than email. It piles up. You can find representatives’ addresses here and senators’ addresses here. Remember that PIPA is a Senate bill and SOPA is a House of Representatives bill.

- Call your senators and representatives on the phone and urge them not to support the bills. See above links for phone numbers or click here to get a quick list of representatives based on where you live.

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