September 7th, 2011Which one?

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Ever heard of Moroccan oil? I’m not sure if there’s another moroccan oil but what I’m thinking is Moroccan oil for the hair. I’ve heard from friends that this is a great product to keep the hair shiny and manageable, very much like argan oil for hair I believe. But I have yet to see for myself to be able to make a comparison.

I’ve been to the grocery today and I’ve seen that the salon across Woolies has a supply of Moroccan oil, so I thought maybe I’d also try this one.  Update soon.

In the meantime, thos of you who have tried either products, I’s appreciate a quick tale on their performance.:-)

September 3rd, 2011Guitar=heaven

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I would love to learn to play guitar. I would love for myson to learn how to play it,too.

Do you know that among us 5 broods, I’m the only one who cannot play the guitar? So freaking frustrating.

Some years back, I tried to learn the guitar. But it seemed the guitars I used don’t like me much. So I stopped trying. But I reckon, if I can;t do it then maybe my kids can. So we’ll see, maybe with proper exposure they’ll find the inspiration.

And who knows, they’ll learn to play this song, too: Heaven by Warrant

September 1st, 2011This Chilli Jam dish

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Anyone knows how to make stir fry veggies with sweet chilli jam? It’s because I’vetasted this dish in a Thai restaurant called Little Monk in Pyrmont and I sooooo love it.

With cashew nuts and fresh veggies and your choice of meat, itis my preferred meal during lunchtime. So really taken with its taste that  I would like to learn how to make it and so I won’t need to go anywhere if my craving for this dish hits me. I’ll just make it myself.

So if anyone know, please comment and I’d appreciate it if you can share the recipe.  

August 27th, 2011Steel drums

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Great weather today. I hope this continues as I badly miss sunshine. Heheh. Sunshine equals home. Aaaaack, home. Such a heavy word for me, because….ah, let’s not go ther now.

Anyway, I was looking at stell drum from and I was transported back home. You see, my brother used to work in a company that makes steel drums among many other steel products. So this makes me remember of home and the family I left. *sigh*

But all is looking well here, and I hope soon my family will be together once again. *praying earnestly*

August 20th, 2011F-r-i-e-n-d-s

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For those considering to buy a projector for office and home use, let me share this link on Epson projectors. Please have a look.

Moving on. I’m just thankful for having nice friends who are always willing to help you. You know it’s hard to be starting anew in a new place and harder to do that when you’re all alone (I mean away from your family). Difficult. Tough. But I’m just thankful that I have friends who are patient and understanding. And I’m also happy that I’m forging new friendship with my officemates. Because sometimes, what you need is not someone to help you but someone to listen. And I’m just blessed. So once again, I have to thank the Lord for that.

August 19th, 20111st day

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My first day in the job was crazily hectic. While I was trying to adjust and understand what everyone was doing, I had to do some things that were new to me. Not that that they are really difficult but maybe I was just trying so hard to know everything at so short a time.

I honestly didn’t expect it to be that way but I’m glad that I’ve met nice people who are willing to help and understand that I’m just the new girl in the team.

Oh And let me just mention that today is so much better in the workplace.

August 17th, 2011Convenient, safer

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So what is great in Oz? I haven’t been here for long but I can say that I like the fact that there’s not much air pollution compared to where I came from. Must be because of the transport system; they have trains and trams here.

Another thing is when you shop in big stores, one have the option to forego the human-assisted counters and just go to an area where there are POS Hardware and have your items scanned and then just pay by card or cash. Really very convenient especially if you’re buying less than five items. And another thing, one may have cash-outs in the counters (human -assisted) when using your ATMs. Really very convenient.

August 16th, 2011Thank you Lord

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I have one wonderful news. I already have a job offer. Praise God! After eleven days in Oz, it’s really a huge blessing to be offered a job.

So this post is considered as my celebratory post. *smiles* Anyone of my friends who like those swisher sweet, please blow one for me. Or open a champagne for me please.

I’ve had my interview yesterday and today, someone called me up to say I got the job.

I’ve just signed the contract (actually, I just affixed my electronic signature to it). And I just want to mention that, I’m so happy that the recruitment process here is all online and all electronic since I imagine it would be very costly to have my documents printed.

And tomorrow, I’ll be reporting for work. Really, God is so good

August 12th, 2011ty

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Something scared me today..hehe.

I really really thoughT I lost my account with a site that has some importance with me.

Bt I’m glad that after 4 tries, I was able to log in. *sigh* Really for a moment, I panicked and thought that I must have done something resulting to losing access. And I totally have no idea what. Good thing though that, it’s still okay.

August 9th, 2011i’ll take any at present

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I’m so having lots of free time these days. Oh what to do, what to do. bBut I have to savor this moment for now because I know this will not last long. When I do get a regular job, I know it’s goodbye to “free time.” Lol.

So…I’m here, online. Chatting, seeing the world with my pc, and reading and getting as much information that I can digest at the moment. I’m also checking on siegel literature racks for reading materials. Oh Life.

So any quiz on current events, gossips, updates, etc…that I can likely join in? Just let men know. I’ll be willing to take that now. Now. NOW.

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