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How can you make a difference in today’s world?  Think differently, Zenhens does.  Our goal is to deliver a consistent source of local, fresh, organically raised chicken eggs and organic produce. Critical to Zenhens Producer Network is support of local backyard chicken keepers, developing sustainable agricultural practices and selling our food at area farmers markets. We are all looking for more natural, healthy foods—animals that are well treated and food grown without synthetic and harmful pesticides, herbicides, and fertilizers.  Urban farming opens the door to a more sustainable community.

If you’re raising hens or are considering becoming a back yard flock keeper, learn more about the cooperative network of Zen Hens!  

Motivations and rewards of being part of Zenhens
Quality of life — supporting and serving the community

Giving Back — many people may benefit from you and your flock’s work

Learning & Experience — participation offers experiences that can add to your understanding and support of the sustainable food movement

Strong Member Support—members help to set care standards, and receive benefits including support in the care of their flocks, coop planning and building, and bulk feeds.  We require the use of organically produced feeds and to ensure that any fruits, vegetables or other food stuffs provided to the flock be free from pesticides, herbicides and other chemical agents.

Why join the Zenhens Network?  It’s about feeling good about what’s happening in our own backyard, getting good food and buying local.  It’s being part of the Tucson community!

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