Filthy Whore Endures Pussy Flogging Whip Torture

BDSM bondage sex involves many different things but the most common factor is brutal whipping. As you can see in this erotic photo the women sex slave is being whipped with a hard leather tool on her soft pussy lips. Her clit is engorged due to the adrenalin and this whore is almost at orgasm. But this is not in Master’s plans, no slave of his is allowed to cum. He stops what he is doing and switches to the paddle instead. Spanking his way from the heels of her feet, along the length of her legs and up to her torso, he continues the punishment which she must endure. If teaching filthy whores is your thing and you approve of the methods inflicted on this submissive bitch, then you can see more of this inside.

Asian Whore Tied with Ropes and Ass Fucked

The expression on this Asian slut’s face says it all. The pain she is feeling as the man in black behind her rams his cock deep up her asshole. Pulling on her hair and using it as leverage, his hard cock continues to drill her shit hole as she yells and pleads for him to slow down. Struggling to break free from the ropes that have bound her hands to the leather table, she can do nothing but assume the position and take every punishing stroke of his cock. Her swollen red asshole is begging for him to slow down and pull out, but this will only happen when HE says so. Submissive sluts like this Asian whore have no say in the matter and if he or his friends want to continue ass fucking her, then there is nothing she can do about it.

Redheaded Slut Bound and Face Fucked by Master

Screaming at the top of this girls lungs, the dirty redhead alternative girl endures some harsh BDSM bondage sex, at the hands of her unforgiving Master. Yelling won’t do her much good though as her body is trussed up tighter then a turkey at Christmas time. His strong hands squeeze tightly the back of her neck, which force her mouth nice and wide open. Pulling his cock out of his pants, now erect and hard he stuffs it into her mouth and makes her gag down on the meat, enduring a brutal face fucking. Almost choking this fucking whore, women sex slaves like her always do as they are told, otherwise they will only suffer more.

BDSM Bondage Sex Slave Endures Water Punishment

Brought into the room by her hair, the chubby BDSM bondage sex slave is naked and told to assume the position. Her guard leaves the dungeon as she is forced to stand still, not knowing what is about to happen. Like the many submissive sluts before her, to her surprise he comes back with a fireman’s hose. She begs him not to but with a wink of the eye, he flicks on the nozzle and the pipe springs to life. Water sprays from the hose as it washes over her body. The force is like a thousand tiny needles as they pin prick her all over. Her moist cunt glisten as the water droplets trickle down her legs and throughout this cruel spanking act that she is forced to endure. You should hear her screaming voice of pain, over the torrents of flowing water.

Asian Slut Forced to Endure BDSM Sex Punishment

A dirty Asian whore is tightly trussed up in ropes that bite at her skin. She cannot move one inch and is placed onto the wooden beam by her Master. Forced to stand on her tiptoes, the wooden log she stands on feels sharp against her smooth white feet and splinters painfully embed into her skin. Tears of pain are soon welling in the whores’ eyes as Master beings training her in harsh BDSM bondage sex acts. Fingering her moist cunt while she continues her balancing act, she tries not to fall off as this will only anger Master and result in her being more harshly treated.

Submissive Stripper Slut Chained and Face Fucked

At the private gentlemen’s club the girls whatever the men tell them and as it was her first day on the job, they all knew that she was the new girl. The women that strip at this club are all female sex slaves and nothing more then pieces of meat to the male patrons. So on the poll she goes, twirling around and removing her clothing. Her bra is flung off while her panties remain on and as she thinks her set is finished, steps down from the stage. But this is only the beginning as the men grab her, chain her up to the pole and use one of their ties to bind her mouth. Out come their hard cocks as they stroke them to the sight of her restrained body and the thought of face fucking her submissive mouth. A few of them talk about taking her for a test drive as cold hands stroke and paw at her shivering body.

Submissive Blonde Whore Endures Breast Torture

Laying on her back this cute little bitch is strapped down on a traditional bondage rack. Her breasts are both slipped into a home made vice and slowly, inch by inch is closes. Biting her bottom lip as she starts to slip into a world of pain, she continues to look Master in the eyes as instructed. Not wanting to give him any reason to be upset she knows that angering him will only make the vice close quicker. Submissive sluts like this large breasted blonde whore a dime a dozen and can be found on any college campus looking for some cash. The dominating Master has his pick from these places and has a companion every weekend, to participate in his perverted sex games with cum dumpsters like this slut.

Submissive Slut Tied to a Fence and Violated

With her hands secured inside a leather sleave she is pushed up against the chain link fence. His cold hand pushes between her legs, groping and probing her tingling pussy. Beads of sweat trickle down her face due to both being scared of Master and from sexual excitement. You can tell this whore is afraid of him, just by looking at the expression on her face. His strong hands keep probing between her legs, spreading her pussy lips and entering into her snatch. The man keeps this up while bringing the other hand to her right breast. Cupping it he starts squeezing tightly as if it were a vice. The pain starts to become to much for the girl and like previous female sex slaves in this guy’s dungeon, she yells out in pain and begs for him to stop the torment inflicted upon her.

Two Filthy Sluts Forced into BDSM Dungeon Sex

Just like in the movie Pulp Fiction but this time with women, these two submissive girls enter the pawn shop looking to sell some of their jewellery. The deviant shop owner instead tricks them into his dungeon and locks the heavy door behind them. Quickly restrained and strapped into two wooden chairs their hands are bound behind them, now it’s time for their pretty mouths to be gagged. The blonde slut obeys but her friend the brunette is a feisty one. She squirms, struggles and tries to fight back but the dominating Master is having none of that and slaps her about the face. Forcing the ball gag into her mouth, his hand holds it in place as he tightly does up the straps. These two whores are in for a world of extreme BDSM bondage sex and pain.

Female Slave Hung Upside Down and Caned

Upside down and with both her legs held in chains, this woman is yet another in the dominating man’s collection of submissive sluts her tortures in his dungeon. Both of her restrained legs are spread wide apart and a cold metal dildo is inserted deep into her snatch. At the other end her wrists are bound with hard leather and attached is an iron ball, which is used as a weight to stop her moving about. To add to the intense sexual pleasure, he begins caning her backside. With each strike of the bamboo stick she shudders in pain. Bright red welts soon appear on her fleshy backside but there is nothing she can do. Her only choice is to take the pain that is delivered with each stroke. is neither affiliated with the authors of this page nor responsible for its contents. This is a safe-cache copy of the original web site.