Something from Nikki for sport fans

Feb 14th

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Hello, Nikki Sims is one of those girls who just loves sport and we could see that many times before and I’m sure we will see that many times in the future also. This time we can see that she really likes to make her sport fans happy. as you can see in this Super Bowl gift. Whole United States and many other countries also loves Super bowl for so many various reasons and here is one reason from me. Every time when Super Bowl is Nikki Sims makes some really very hot update for her fans. That why I love her and I think that this year update from her is something remarkable. All her Super Bowl updates were really hot, but this one is… just awesome. Check out this picture where Nikki Sims shows really lot of her beautiful boobies.

Haha yes the gift from Nikki Sims to all her fans is under her jersey and as you can see it is really great gift. What more canI say than that I’m already looking forward to next super Bowl and I’m sure lot of you guys also do!

Hot friend of Nikki, Briana Lee

Feb 14th

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Hi this is really very exceptional post, because for very first time after almost four years of existence of this blog, I have for you update about someone else than Nikki Sims and I hope you will like it. This post is about hot friend of Nikki Sims, her name is Briana Lee. Well, Nikki Sims is for me still number one, but this chick is in my opinion very close to the first place of Nikki.

So what do we now about Briana Lee? Well, her site belongs among the same group of sites as Nikki’s, she is now 24 years old. Well I’m sure that people who visits this blog will really appreciate another number and that is 34DD, yes you know what that means and I think it is really great number. Well, number is just number so in this picture you can see how great such number with two letters can look amazing. As Nikki Sims, also Briana Lee has ‘em 100% natural. It is always great to see such beauty. Briana Lee is girl with really beautiful eyes of brown color and brown are also her hair. Well I really don’t know if it is her natural color, but probably it is. Who can be sure these days?

What is really amazing about Briana Lee and what also might be secret of her beauty is her origin. She is from St. Louis and and her ethnicity should be latin. Well I have heard that she is half Filipino and half Mexican. It is well known fact and now even scientifically proven fact that people who has such genes from two different ethnic groups are usually very beautiful. I think that it is absolutely true, definetely in case of Briana Lee. More stuff with Briana Lee, her pictures and videos you can find here.

In this picture you can see Briana Lee in her sexy sporty clothes how she prepares herself for some yoga outdoor. Every clever girl knows that if she wants to keep look awesome she of course needs to do lot of sport and of course Briana Lee is no different when comes to this. This is in fact one of my favorite sets with Briana Lee, because she has very very hot body, those beautiful breasts and this sexy tigt sporty clothing is just some what makes irresistible. Ok that is probably everything about Bri Lee and next time I will have for you another update with Nikki Sims and you can be sure that it is gonna something HOT.


Nikki by the sofa

Jan 11th

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Hi all, Nikki Sims is here again to please all her fans and just all guys (and without a doubt some girl also) in the world with her absolutely new picture set. It is the first picture set of 2012 and as you can see even in 2012 Nikki Sims is still absolutely gorgeous, what is really great. Lot of people are for various reasons afraid of year 2012, well I’m really not. As long as we will have something to eat and drink and as long as there will be internet and such beautiful solo models like Nikki Sims is, it will be great. When I’ve seen this update for first time, instantly quite strange idea came to my mind. It is really quite weird, but I think I would like to be Nikki’s sofa. We could see this sofa on so many pictures of her and I’m pretty sure that this sofa must have some really amazing memories. Usually I write in the end of the post with beautiful chicks that some guy is really lucky bastard, well this time the lucky bastard is without any doubt the sofa. For example on this picture, what fan of Nikki Sims would not like to be there instead of that sofa, with naked Nikki Sims, I’m sure you would not forget such moment for the rest of your life. Well, I would definetely not.

Red color suits Nikki Sims perfectly

Jan 7th

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Hello everybody, I know it is late, but I would still like to wish you Merry x-mas and of course also happy new year. I usually never add x-mas updates when it is after x-mas, but this time I just had to make exception. In this update you can see Nikki Sims in her superhot x-mas costume. I don’t think she spends whole x-mas dressed like this, but if she does, then she is really the most cool wife in the world, don’t you think? Really if I were her husband or boyfriend and she were dressed like this, I would not leave my house for whole x-mas, that is something I already know for one hundred percent. Nikki Sims is that kind of chick who would look hot probably wearing anything, but she is also that kind of girl who knows what to wear to look even better, but if you know Nikki Sims you already know that she is such girl. Enjoy 2012 and I hope we will see lot hot stuff from Nikki this year.

Hard worker Nikki

Dec 14th

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I don’t think that Nikki Sims is that kind of girl who repairs something by herself when it breaks up in her home, but if she were, she would look really awesome doing it. White tops like she wears in this update and those sexy super short jean shorts are something what always was and always will be looking great on hot girls. So yes, it also looks very good on Nikki. I would like to know what Nikki Simms is going to do or repair or what ever, but I would definitely like to watch her doing it. It is really bad that every time something breaks up in my flat what I am not able to repair comes some fat guy. It is really great he can repair it, but I would like to see some girl Nikki doing this job much much more. Well, who knows maybe one day there will be time where repairmen ¬†will look like this. I think that will be really great and I hope I will live long enough to enjoy such great future.

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