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Tennis – Young & Old

By Ian on Feb. 15, 2012

Young & Old was released by Tennis yesterday on Valentine’s Day. The Denver band, led by husband Patrick Riley and wife Alaina Moore and joined by drummer James Barone, released it as their sophomore followup to Cape Dory. The new record was produced by Black Keys drummer Patrick Carney, a sign the young band had outgrown the simple nautical stylings of their first release.

Their simple twee pop seems to elicit quite the range of responses for whatever reason (from looking at their growth to calling their music superficial). I have an ambivalent view of it–it is mostly 60′s-drenched progressions that recall girl groups of that era. Quite honestly, I don’t understand how it creates such strong reactions. It’s not divisive music; it’s made by a pair of former philosophy students that are in love and making music and it’s pop music at essence, which I guess could bring out some music snobbery. For the record, I’m looking at you, WaPo critic. But to each, their own. I like it.

Origins has remained my favorite track and I’ve featured it here, both as the video and song. Tennis will be playing Bluebird Thursday in Denver.

Outputmessage – Sommeil

By Hasan on Feb. 14, 2012

Allow me to introduce you to Bernard Farley, AKA Outputmessage. Hailing from Washington, DC he is “a vocalist, producer, DJ, record label owner, and math nerd.”

He specializes in IDM (Intelligence Dance Music) and saw his first release at the age of 20 whilst working on a Masters in Mathematics. So, not only can he work towards an advanced degree at an age where most college students are still figuring out what to do with their lives, he can excel in music as well. Way to make me feel lazy.

The track that I’ve opted to highlight is from his debut record “Nebulae”. Sommeil is a perfectly crafted song with the glacial notes that punctuate the strobe-like synths, all laid harmoniously over looping drums. It feels as if Outputmessage used his fancy Math degree to integrate all the different instruments into the song, to create sonic harmony.  This is a perfect track to listen to, especially with winter nipping at our heels. It may not be snowing outside right now, but gloomy days punctuated by flurries need a soundtrack.

Fun. – Some Nights

By Ian on Feb. 13, 2012

The second album that I know will make my favorites of the year list.

Fun.’s Some Nights doesn’t really try to be more than it is and there’s a beauty in that for me. A good clean pop album should be celebrated and like last year’s Real Estate album, that’s the territory where this album is landing in for me.

There’s some serious Queen moments (especially during this indie pop album’s onset and title track Some Nights). C’mon, let’s be honest–I didn’t stand a chance when they threw in the tribal drums on the title track. We Are Young is the first single and it’s helped to build anticipation for the release. It just sounds like the soundtrack for an epic night that’s waiting to happen. Why Am I The One is definitely a keeper and seems to be the one that I am tending to go back to as the first choice repeat. Don’t sleep on the concluding Stars, with the shoutouts to their previous releases, allusions to preceding tracks on this record, the misdirection, and the probably going to be derided use of Auto-Tune (although for the record, I think that it’s an experiment with using your voice in a more instrumental fashion).

The album is fun.

Although it’s not officially released yet, it will be shortly via Fueled By Ramen.


This Town Needs Guns – 26 is Dancier Than 4

By Meera on Feb. 13, 2012

The Grammys were last night. I yelled at my television out of excitement when Bon Iver won his well deserved award. Then, I laughed at my computer screen this morning when I saw that there are people out there that have no clue who Paul McCartney is. Not sure how that can happen.

On to today’s non-Grammy nominated artists. The past week or so I’ve been on a math rock kick. Though at this point I’m sure many know I love some Maps & Atlases, I had to find something new this time. Thanks to I came across This Town Needs Guns, hailing from Oxford, UK.

Their track 26 is Dancier Than 4 from their 2009 album Animals has been on repeat the past two days. Why? (Excuse this explanation because it’s bound to offend people who beg to differ.) The band’s music reminds of most typical math rockers (in a good way) but then the vocals. Oh, the vocals. The vocals remind me of those that I drooled over in my screamo/emo listening days in high school/college. So to me, it’s an awesome combination of young voices and older instruments.

Bonus: the video’s pretty neat too.

Happy Monday listenings, folks.

Menage – Bury Us Young

By Ian on Feb. 13, 2012

Menage’s Bury Us Young is definitely a fit for Meera’s Monday’s. Assuming that Meera has no objections to me raising her name in the this introduction, I’d like to acquaint you with the brothers and sister trio that has roots in LA, Toronto, New York, and Portugal.

Their self-titled album is in the alternative rock vein. Its opener Bury Us Young has some punk influences to it and Gabriel, Basilio, and Bela Ferreira also flavor some slight emo moments into the 14 tracks. It was released at the end of last October.

You can like them on Facebook. Hope you enjoy Menage and Bury Us Young.

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