Sayla Dobro, a Dobro on his lap singing songs of yester years gone by so fast. Currently assembling a band of misfits to perform in the SF Bay Area and beyond Todd Tate is the singer songwriter that fronts the Sayla Dobro project and plays everything you hear on the 3 song EP that you can get in exchange for your email address on this Website. The instrumentation you hear is: RD-35 Regal square-neck Dobro, RD-45 Black Lightning, Casio drum machines, Keyboard Bass patches, zydeco ties, egg shakers, pianos, organs, accordions, and a few acoustic guitars.

Playing guitar since age 13, Todd saw Jerry Douglas of Allison Krauss and Union Station play in 2006, and shortly afterwards received a gift from his Father; a sweet little Regal RD-35 Square Neck Dobro. Already having some experience on Lapsteel from back in the day, Todd picked up quickly and started performing locally in Marin to enthusiastic bar patrons in the band “The Deep Sound of Bobby Peru”. Sayla Dobro provides a mysterious minor sounding Dobro on the fringe of “Outlaw Country”. Some have compared to Beck, some to Nick Cave. Some call it “Tumbleweed Pop”.

What we do know is that it’s a damn good time and knee slappin’ hootenanny! C’mon now get one down with the sound. The sound is a result of wanting to have fun sooner than later with the Dobro. After trying out the many different tunings that are often used in country and bluegrass music Todd decided to go with something a bit unconventional; E minor Dobro. Spelled E-B-E-G-B-E. The result is the tex-mex vintage tone that gives a mysterious dark tinge to the music. The minor Dobro, coupled with a 3-stringed Cuban Tres guitar and an accordion it’s really easy to be taken back in time or into a scene from a Quentin Tarantino movie.

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