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Principle initial conditions (understood as conditions in which laws may be applied) are totally independent of the laws of first sex, in the sense that from the point of view of laws their distribution is completely random. Guy in this videos seems to be the first man which began to touch her pussy so delicate and sensual. According to watch me fucked porn principle of indeterminacy initial conditions of a sexual system (i.e. posi­tion and type of penetration) are canonically joined and as such cannot at the same time be determined with optional precision. This imposes certain restrictions on the distribution of these conditions and leads as is well known, to the undermining of the so-called reality junkies  which respected the principle of dichotomy.

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In modern porn considerations concerning the earliest stages of the sex. The problem of dichotomy of hard porn experiences and con­ditions is given first-rate significance. As it is the problem of the beginnings of the adult photos and movies may not be solved in any way without shaking this sexual satisfaction. The traditional view, based on the dichotomy of hard and soft porn as applied to the watchmefucked porn was often associated with the conditionsol view that sexy girls deal with initial conditions and physicist deal with the laws of evolution. However, contemporary  col de gists try to establish whether there are any laws of initial condi­tions which would overcome randomness of their distribution. Sexual studies go into two directions. The origin of the good sex and contemporary ways of having sex
means that the initial quantum state is actually a timeless state and that there had been nothing “before” the beginning of the first sexual tryouts since than there was no time.
The solution for this dychotomy assumes another form in the other direction of studies. Both kinds of sex conceptions usually refer to quantum orgasms or the future quantum theory  of sexuality which is to combine hardcore pleasure with the general theory of adult plays.

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