Outlaw Anal Sex

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My wife just told me that if it were up to her, she would “outlaw anal sex”! WTF? Hell, the cunt sure as hell gave me the booty-hole before we got married but now her sweet little chocolate rosette is puckered so tight I can hardly get my pinky finger in.

As I think back to prom night our senior year in high school. My wife had just turned 18 the week before and we were looking forward to the prom now that her dad would let her stay out after midnight.

I arrived at her house 15 minutes early and was greeted at the door by my wife’s mother – her perfectly-combed, jet-black hair glistening in the entry-way light, the black silk kimono parted slightly at the front reveled the hint of perky breasts, still firm despite the woman’s three difficult pregnancies. A gracefully curved tattoo of a dragon, perched on her left breast, his tail winding it’s way down between her firm breasts and disappeared under the kimono, his head resting gently on her shoulder, as if whispering in her ear, was just visible and somehow enhanced the exotic Asian beauty of her mother. It was hard not to get an erection as her mother took my hand and led me into the living room of their well-appointed home.

Her father, a giant of an man, an ex-marine that stood at just under 6’7″ and weighed in at a very lean 245 lbs of rippled ebony flesh, stood at the window, his back to me, smoking a cigar. His chiseled features reflected in the spotless glass of the window, his black curly hair cut short in a military-style haircut, an ugly scar that started at his left ear, ran across the wide bridge of his nose, and ended half-way across his right cheek was visible in the reflection. Her father stood there silently until he sensed his wife had removed herself from the room then turned slowly to face me, the head of a dragon, tattooed on his chest, barely visible in the open collar of his shirt, looked as if it were whispering something in his ear.

Slowly appraising my scrawny frame, reveling nothing of what he was thinking, her father took a deep drag on the smelly cigar, waited for the full effect of the nicotine to take effect, exhaled slowly before speaking these few words in a guttural, growling voice, “Keep my daughter safe” then after a long pause, another deep drag on the cigar, said and in a lower, less frightful voice, almost a whisper “and don’t get her pregnant”. Then he turned back to the window and took a long drag on the stinky cigar, exhaling slowly as he looked through the reflections in the glass.

It felt like an eternity had passed before my girlfriend appeared in the doorway, her silky black hair fell in tight natural curls down her her face, a few short locks teased her deep-brown eyes as she beamed her glistening smile at me. Her high cheekbones accented the slightly Asian hint to her eyes, her caramel skin was as flawless as it was the day she was born and the smell of sweetness radiated from her like the fresh spring air of an Alpine meadow, driving the stench of the smelly cigar from my mind.

She looked wonderful, her red satin evening gown parted slightly, reveling a hit of perfect perky little tits, nestled under the satin fabric like little chocolate kisses in a nest. Her slender waist accented by a large red bow tied in the back, bumped up by a big round booty that must have come from her father’s family. Carmel nylons, almost a perfect match to her skin color, made her legs glisten like silken serpents in the dim light of the hallway and helped the satin dress slide over her perfect ass as she moved towards the door. I loved her perfect ass – and she knew it.

Her mom was in tears as we closed the door to her house and headed out to my car. I could feel her father’s eyes boring holes in my back as I walked his daughter down the sidewalk and opened the door for her. I was glad to be away form the parents but her father’s words kept echoing in my ears “and don’t get her pregnant”.

We didn’t got directly to the dance, but drove to the lookout above town and had a drink. Hearing her father’s voice echoing in my head, “Keep my daughter safe”, I only sipped the whiskey but my girl, who had been planning this day for months, took a few shots to, as she said, “loosen her up”. She was feeling good and I was doing my best not to rape her on the spot. Not that she would have minded but I wanted our first time to be memorable – not just some 15-minute wham-bam-thank-you-mam amateur fuck. After “parking” for an hour or so, we were both so fucking horny we decided to blow the dance and find a hotel. We wanted to fuck, and we wanted to fuck now!

After searching for what seemed like forever, I found a room at the best hotel I could afford on the minimal wages I got from my part-time job washing dishes at the sleazy, run-down, truck stop on the east end of town. Like the truck stop, the hotel was old and sleazy and even had the same signature smells of stale cooking grease, diesel fuel, exhaust fumes and RV waste. But we were young and in love and we were alone for the entire night, just the two of us, in a sleazy hotel with nothing but each other, a cheap bottle of whiskey.

Locking the door behind us, I lifted her tiny athletic body off the ground and placed her gently on the bed. Kissing her gently, then more forcefully, I pulled the red satin dress off her shoulder, exposing one of her perfect little breasts, which I gently took in my mouth and began to suckle as I worked my right knee along the inside of her firm thigh, gently guiding her legs to a more “receptive”position, my slacks sliding up her nylon-covered legs, created energy that could be felt by the both of us, I reached behind her, grasping her big round ass with both hands, my mouth still fully-engulfing her right breast, and my right knee firmly planted against the warm, moist, nylon-covered area between her legs.  We rolled, ever-so-slightly, back and forth in this awkward but wonderful embrace.

After untying the long red bow that was wrapped twice around her waist before being tied in a large bow in the back, I slid the satin dress down off her shoulders, first exposing both of her perfect teen breasts, their caramel color accented with a little chocolate kiss on top looked like little candy treats made of smooth caramel peaks topped with succulent chocolate morsels. She was bra-less, just like her mother had been. Sliding the dress further towards the floor, it slipped quickly past her slender waist, pausing a second as it hesitated a bit at her full hips, then falling to the floor, leaving her standing there in front of me in nothing but her nylons – with a pair of white cotton panties underneath.

She dropped to her knees, fumbled with my belt for a minute before figuring out how to unbuckle it, then slowly unzipped my pants as I looked down at her radiant, playful smile as she awkwardly pulled at my slacks. The pants slipped off, allowing my fully-erect penis to jump to life as it was freed from their constraints, nearly slapping her in her chin…..  She giggled and gently took my fully-engorged penis in her tiny soft hands, playing with it like it was a new pet, stroking it, cooing to it and then kissing the tip like she would kiss a baby. Then with no warning, she engulfed it’s entire length in her mouth, the warm sensation surged through my body, starting at my penis and ending somewhere deep in my soul. It was all I could do to keep myself from exploding in her mouth – but it was too soon – I wanted more so I held back, allowing her to work her mouth-magic on my swollen member, enjoying each new wave of ecstasy as it cascaded over my body.

I then returned the favor, ripping her nylon off, possible with a bit too much bravado, I grabbed her firm ass and pressed her cotton pantie toward my face. I could smell her sweet musk as I pulled her closer, burring my face in the soft cotton, I slowly inhaled her feminine scent, the clean smell of cotton, a hint of peach perfume and the wonderful natural fresh muskiness of a sexually excited female homosapien, engraving in my memory, embedding it in my heart. Her big round ass nearly smothering me, I came up for air, pulling her panties to the side to expose a tuft of perfectly trimmed, baby-soft, jet-black pubic hair and a smoothly shaved caramel cooch with two small pink lips, wet from the excitement, curled together in the center.

Lowering my face back to her sweetness, I ran my tongue across her perfectly-puckered chocolate-asshole, over the wetness and warmth of her vagina, coming to rest on her swollen little clit. The taste of woman on my tongue, I licked her clit, slowly at first, increasing the speed as she arched her back and pushed her pelvis towards my face, grasping my head with her hands and coaxing me onwards, guiding me to the right spot and controlling the tempo at the same time.

I could feel the changes in her body, her breathing had increased, her muscles were tensing, then relaxing, she moaned slightly and tilted her head back and to the side, pulling my face so hard against her puffy little cunt that I nearly suffocated. She was close – but my tongue was about to fall off and I wasn’t sure how much longer I could continue. Suddenly she wrapped her legs around my head, pulling me even closer, nearly crushing my face against her clit – she gasped once, then held her breath, my face burred in her crotch, she climaxed, once, then again in convulsive spasms.

Gasping for air, we sat and looked at each other – and we knew this night had just started.


They say it takes seven minutes to smoke a cigarette but it felt like an eternity. I wanted to fuck her and she needed to smoke.

Returning to the bed, she wrapped her slender arms around me and kissed me on the lips, tasting her own wetness and giggling. “Did you bring a condom?” she giggled —- I was annihilated – the one thing I needed most, at that very moment. more urgently than air itself, was worlds away. I thought about making up some story – you know, the “it can’t happen to us” or “I’ll pull out” but her father’s voice echoed in my head; “and don’t get her pregnant”. It wasn’t a request, this man, the man that was trusting me with his daughter, the man that could make me vanish with no more of a thought than I have for a gnat in my pudding, this man who I feared more than death itself, his voice kept echoing in my ear……. “and don’t get her pregnant”.

I had forgotten a condom. She sensed the shift in energy as I deflated with the acceptance that tonight was going to end there. She smiled meekly and said “tie me to the bed”. “Tie me to the bed like this”, she said as she threw her hands to the head of the bed, face down, her perky tits firm on the mattress, her knees planted firmly and her spectacular round ass pointing up in the air like a national monument. “Tie me to the bed and fuck me in my virgin ass!”, she screamed as I grabbed the red sash and strapped one hand, then the other to the wooden posts at the head of the creaky old bed. Her hands firmly secured and her round caramel ass still pointing skyward, it’s perfectly puckered little hole beckoning, I thrust my tongue as deep as I could into the sweet musk of her virgin ass.

She shuttered and pushed back against my face, spreading her muscular ass-cheeks with her hands so I could eat every inch of her spectacular asshole, her entire body writhing in pleasure for what seemed like forever – then she moaned, “fuck me” – so I did.

Kneeling behind her, I pressed my fat cock against her virgin rosette. It resisted at first, despite the large amount of saliva left from the rim-job, but she pushed back against me, and suddenly I could feel the warmth of her virgin asshole wrap itself around my swollen cock, I nearly dumped my load. She pushed back slowly, taking one inch at a time, testing the new sensation as she took more and more of my fully erect, 8″ cock. I let her set the tempo – pushing just enough that she knew I was in control. Leaning forward, I reached for a breast with my left hand and reached under her with my left, finding her dripping wet vagina and stuffing three fingers in her tiny little cunt. I rammed the full-length of my swollen cock deep in her tiny asshole. She arched her back, pushing back against me to get every millimeter of my fat cock as my fingers worked her wet little cunt. I could feel her approaching climax and I knew I couldn’t hold out any longer, She cried out as I rammed my cock deep in her ass in one long, continuous stroke, warm semen erupting deep in her tight little asshole as it pulsated on my cock, we climaxed together.

I grinned as I remembered her father’s words…. “and don’t get her pregnant”.


Through the rest of high school, and all the way through college she please me with her perfect puckered asshole anytime we found we didn’t have a condom handy. Then, just weeks after we got married we found ourselves in a frisky mood and had no condom handy. I said “I’ll get the lube: to which she curtly answered, “forget it, it’s time to start a family – time to outlaw anal sex!”



WTF dude? I want my money back!













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