“Kyndal May has
such a passion
for the work she does...
it’s contagious!”

About Kyndal

Recently my youngest son asked me, “Mom, if you could do your dream job, what would you do?” The answer was immediate and simple. I told him… “I AM doing my dream job!”

It’s true and what I love most about it is that I don’t feel like I chose to do this job. Instead, this “work” I do… chose me.

I became a licensed massage therapist not because I decided that it sounded good but because nothing had impacted me so greatly as healing touch and therapeutic movement and when I experienced it… I had to share it.

I became a doula because the first time I ever heard a mother really talk about her birth, she spoke mostly of what she needed to be different in her next one and when I found out I could make a difference… I had to share it.

I became a childbirth educator because I witnessed the possibility of great transformation and love available to the family through childbirth and when I realized I had a unique way to help couples access that possibility… I had to share it.

And I am now training doulas for all the same reasons… because birth matters… and because I have to share it.

So, despite the title of this page … this work that chose me isn’t about me.

It’s about YOU. What can I share with you?

“Kyndal fostered a very safe learning environment, making our questions and concerns a priority. She is very nurturing, and careful to communicate and foster respect.”Read MoreLaura C
“We didn't know how to accomplish that satisfying birth experience, and your class was a roadmap to getting there. Knowing what to expect was worth the world to us!”Read MoreAngela H
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