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Dec 20 2011

by mayra @8:24 pm

Happy holidays everyone! Its been weeks since i last posted on this site, months since i last updated the resources! I’ve been gone for a long time or at least it feels like it. I want to start updating again, don’t want to let this site die. Tons of you still visit here and i appreciate it so i want to give something back to ya’ll. I will start updating soon, and hopefully i can contact some of my affiliates / blog buddies to reconnect. Post a comment if you want me to update something in particular. Haven’t checked my email in a long time so i will get to that soon. I hope everyone is having a great time during these holidays, take care and talk to ya’ll soon!

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Weird feeling and unexpected.

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Oct 11 2011

by mayra @5:51 am

I wish i didn’t have to say this but my inspiration for this has completely died. I no longer crave making resources or even checking the site. Its a very weird feeling for me because everyday i would get online and come here fist and thinking of what to update or updating and these past few weeks have been different. I don’t even know what happen but i lost interest a lot and i don’t think ill update anymore so enjoy what i have to offer now. My new inspiration is NAILS. Yes its weird too because I’ve never been a girly girl or into beauty related stuff and now i love doing my nails so if you want to check out what i’m up to visit my nail blog i have tutorials on nail art, i will do product reviews and other fun stuff so go check it out click here. This site.. i have no idea whats gonna happen with it since i did renew it for another year a few weeks ago so umm.. yeah.

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