News About The FX TV Pilot Based On The Comic Series Powers By Bendis & Oeming

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 Powers; Issues Press Release" />
FX Confirms Jason Patric For Powers; Issues Press Release
  •  Powers’ Carly Foulkes Is The T-Mobile Girl" />
    Who's That [Retro] Girl? Carly Foulkes Is The T-Mobile Spokesperson
  •  Powers" />
    The First Official Shot Of Jason Patric As Christian Walker In Powers
  •  Supernatural & Veronica Mars Actress Alona Tal Is Zora In Powers!" />
    Supernatural & Veronica Mars Actress Alona Tal Is Zora In Powers!

Powers, Cast In FOX Pilot">Lucy Punch Loses Her Powers, Cast In FOX Pilot


 Deadline is reporting that Lucy Punch, who was to play Deena Pilgrim in Powers, has been cast in a FOX comedy pilot called Ned Fox In My Manny.

But what does this mean for Powers?

Tweeter Wesley Ambrecht asked Brian Michael Bendis himself, and here’s what he had to say:

“she was being recast by fx. but not because of talent. she’s amazing.”

If Punch is out, can we wait until Katee Sackhoff is free again? No?

Hopefully there will be some more Powers updates soon.

UPDATE: And here are some updates! Here’s what Bendis had to say on his Facebook page about the status of Powers TV:

“though lucy punch has moved on, powers tv is not dead. if it was i would tell you honest & true. new scripts have been ordered for more episodes & there will be news in may about how we are going forward. the network is behind us all the way. its quite nice. its going to be a long haul but its all about quality. i desperately want the best show we can make.”

Posted by Craig Byrne Feb 24, 2012

Powers- Less For Now">FX Will Remain Powers- Less For Now


 It’s been talked about for three years now, and a pilot was shot last year, but it sounds like Powers will have to wait a little bit longer for TV – if it comes on to TV at all.

“We didn’t pick the pilot of Powers up; we went back and Chick Eglee, who had written it, did a fairly substantial rewrite that would require pretty extensive reshoots of the pilot,” THR reports FX president John Landgraf as saying. “Right now we’re in the process of deciding whether to pull the trigger on the reshoot.”

Landgraf refers to Powers as a “difficult adaptation” which interests him “but this is a really hard one.”

Decisions on what to do next will come within a few months.

Posted by Craig Byrne Jan 15, 2012

Powers’ Carly Foulkes Is The T-Mobile Girl">Powers’ Carly Foulkes Is The T-Mobile Girl


 PowersTV has had an influx of traffic recently, and we weren’t quite sure why at first.

It turns out, it’s because the spokeswoman in a recent series of advertisements for T-Mobile is Powers’ “Retro Girl” herself, Carly Foulkes.

She plays the role in the series pilot, which doesn’t have an air date but hopefully we’ll all be seeing it (and a series order!) soon.

In the Powers universe, the first Retro Girl is an extremely popular superheroine who ends up murdered. It is her killing that pushes forth the series’ first major arc.

With a lot of people talking about her these days, that should count as another reason for FX to pick the series up already.

Posted by Craig Byrne Nov 30, 2011

Outlaw Country, Redevelops Powers">FX Doesn’t Want Outlaw Country, Redevelops Powers


Possible good news on the Powers front… while it seemed things were between Powers and Outlaw Country for a spot on the FX line-up, the cable network has now passed on the latter.

However, Powers will be going through some redevelopment, including some “retooling and reshoots.”

Creator Brian Michael Bendis seems to think this is “pretty good news” as Sons Of Anarchy also went through the same process.

Stay tuned for more Powers TV news as it becomes available…

Posted by Craig Byrne Nov 17, 2011

Powers Pilot">Bailee Madison Talks About Doing The Powers Pilot


 Bailee Madison plays Calista in the Powers TV pilot. In a recent interview with Spinoff Online about Don’t Be Afraid Of The Dark she answered some of the inevitable questions about doing Powers.

“I love Calista! When you first see her in the beginning of the show, there’s already kind of a thought, like there’s something different about her. She has a secret,” Madison told the site. “The truth is that she does, and we don’t reveal it in the pilot.”

“If the show does get picked up, there are some really fun things that my character is able to do. She’s such a sweet girl, but in the same way she’ll kick some butt if she needs to. She’s kind of raising herself in a way and … she’s got such spunk, some kind of sarcastic energy, but in a cute way, in a fun way that’s appropriate,” she continued.

“It is so true to the comic,” she assured. “It’s like you’re watching a comic book. Everybody looks the same [as they do on the page]. I had pitch-black bangs, I was wearing a wardrobe that you’d imagine her to have, and all the detailed sound and special effects are so realistic that I think when you see it, you’re just going to want to hit pause so you can look at all the details.”

To read the entire interview, where Madison talks about how she manages to read Powers while avoiding some of its salty language, visit CBR’s Spinoff Online.

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