News About The FX TV Pilot Based On The Comic Series Powers By Bendis & Oeming

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Powers’ Carly Foulkes Is The T-Mobile Girl

Powers’ Carly Foulkes Is The T-Mobile Girl


 PowersTV has had an influx of traffic recently, and we weren’t quite sure why at first.

It turns out, it’s because the spokeswoman in a recent series of advertisements for T-Mobile is Powers’ “Retro Girl” herself, Carly Foulkes.

She plays the role in the series pilot, which doesn’t have an air date but hopefully we’ll all be seeing it (and a series order!) soon.

In the Powers universe, the first Retro Girl is an extremely popular superheroine who ends up murdered. It is her killing that pushes forth the series’ first major arc.

With a lot of people talking about her these days, that should count as another reason for FX to pick the series up already.

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Posted by Craig Byrne Nov 30, 2011 Last Updated Nov 30, 2011

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