Rodarte Fall 2012

James Kaliardos (NARS): We’re inspired by Australia today…and I went there this year, which is so funny. The Mulleavy sisters and I are always in sync like that—it’s really weird. Anyway, there’s this kind of rough, savage side to Australia—the outback—and then this very English, pale look of some girls there. Today, Kate and Laura wanted the girls to look like they’d been out in the sun. They wanted bronzer, so we’re using Laguna bronzer, but I wanted to mix it with something so it didn’t become a ‘bronzer face’, which can get too ‘Miami’, so I mixed in a pink called Gaiety which is another blush. And then we’re doing a pale matte lip with Bolero Velvet Matte Lip Pencil. We wanted it to look very windblown and matte, and have this kind of early 1970’s Serge Lutens, Sarah Moon, the photographer, feeling—when makeup started to get very blend-y. I used to do play around and do this kind of thing on my mom. [Laughs]

Odile Gilbert (Kérastase): This is Rodarte—you get to be a bit artistic with them [Kate and Laura]! The inspiration of the collection is the outback of Australia. We’re creating a little bob on the models…we’re using a 3-branch iron to get a little wave, and we’re parting it on the side, so the hair is a bit longer on one side. It’s very much enveloping the face. We’re using Kérastase mousse and hairspray, and then we’re adding accessories, that are from Rodarte—the little stars—on some girls, and rows of bobby pins on others. You know, when you have this kind of hairstyle, you have a neck…you create a beautiful long line.

Deborah Lippmann: There is a lot of bronze, brown and pink in the collection, so we’re using ‘No More Drama’ on the nails, which is a polish I created with Mary J. Blige, and then we’re using a matte top coat—I love matte and I feel like we’re going to be seeing a lot of that this spring and then going into fall.

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  • bonnie clyde and marni

    oh i love this!!! the hairstyle and the stars!! amazing!!

  • Kathryn Cullen

    Those stars are absolutely beautiful!

    XX Kathryn

  • Anna im Wunderland

    That look is so dreamy…

  • Mioara Roncea

    These girls look like contemporary fairies! And what a beautiful show.

  • Messamet serdane

    Fresh and quite original giving the fact the collection is for F/W.

  • Beauty Woo Me

    The stars in the cloud hair are such a sweet look! It would pair perfectly with a floaty tea dress… am so going to try to replicate when the season is right.

  • Beauty Woo Me

    The stars in cloud hair are heavenly… would pair perfectly with a floaty spring dress… so going to try it out when the season is right.

  • Axelle

    Love the make-up. I’m always jealous when they make their models look like angels. ♥-Axelle

  • Mrs Singh

    Such beauiful dreamy look. I really really want the barrette. So gorgeous. And the shoes, please. Rodarte shows are always so creative, a perfect mix of beautiful and edgy, happy and sad.

  • Anonymous

    I looooove it!! The combo of the hair and makeup makes me feel like I’m looking at Titania’s and Oberon’s fairy minions in A Midsummer Night’s Dream! Gorgeous!

  • Madison

    The top model is so beautiful it makes me sick! I love the hairstyles, too!


  • Michelle.

    So beautiful! Love the hair dos.


  • Material Fixations

    Love that these looks are beachy in a more sophisticated way, with a touch of fantasy with the stars in their hair.

  • Michelle Lee


  • touchkajal

    Oh this looks so great! Can’t wait for the next InBeauty Autumn/Winter 2012… you all know this magazine, right?
    Have a look, you’ll love it:


  • Mariela

    This look is gorgeous!!! loving the fake bob and the romantic yet bold make up..
    Thanks for sharing as always ♥

  • Kat

    I absolutely love this. Stunning!

  • Renaphuah

    Tried Bolero, didnt work for me… but after seeing these pictures, I wanna try it again x

  • The Black Tiger

    I’m not a fan of the bronzer, but the hair looks SO beautiful! And I love those stars!

  • Anonymous

    Oh my gosh, this is my FAVORITE look so far at NYFW.. and possibly ever. I wish I could look like this every. single. day!

  • kerry diamond

    Beautiful pictures. xoxo

  • Phil

    This show looks amazing. Love the hair!

  • Jennohl

    so beautiful

  • Catherine Liem

    wow~ all the glitter and star details. such pretty backstage snapshots <3
    and I must say, the make-up really enhances all the dreamy, very vintage pieces of the fall/winter collection. it's stunning ^^

    Style Hostess

  • Kitchen afternoon

    Fresh as the morning dew- lovely!

  • Ella

    beyond gorgeous! i love lindsey wixson so much, she looks beautiful! and deborah lippmann nail polish; what could be better?!

  • Jane Stouffer

    Your photos are gorgeous, especially the first two — is that Lindsey Wixson? Charming!

  • Lipnstick

    This is just sooooo pretty!!! WOW!!!! I love the pink area below the eyes,,,and the bronzer that”s put over the eyebrows!!

    That hair is soo pretty! Love it Love it

  • Stills

    Love this hairstyle!

  • The many lives of Line

    I never thought I’d say this: but I can’t wait for fall, well after seeing these amazing pictures I mean;)

    Lot’s of love,