lemon cheesecake?!

Skip the subway, let's go to the overground! Faìlte, faìlte, faìlte gu Gypsy-Heart.Org! (That's 'welcome to my lovely website', for those of you who aren't Scottish.) You have stumbled upon the personal digital abode of a crazy girl (that would be Ange), her pet projects, and a whole lot of mad randomness. Here you'll find...well, a lot of it is completely random and makes no sense whatsoever. (Er, sorry, was this the bit where I was supposed to start rabbiting on in purple prose...? Darn it, I can never get this right!) Enjoy yourself. Life is wonderful. ♥

If you have any concerns, questions about hobbits, or want to stab me, you can send me an electronic letter by clicking on this link. Updates to Gypsy Heart and its related sites are chronicled here, for the curious. Navigation is above. Enjoy yourself, I said!

And just you remember: just because you don't want to deck your website out in pastels doesn't make you a bad person.

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