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Interactive CSS3 Lighting Effects

# Linked to 12 December 2011 in Other by Pat Dryburgh

An experiment by Tom Giannattasio in using CSS3 to create interactive lighting effects. Best viewed in Safari. (via Ben Bodien)

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CSS Mask-Image & Text

# Linked to 3 November 2011 in Code by Pat Dryburgh

There are currently 2 webkit CSS properties that I’ve grown to love and hope gain more traction & browser support. My favorite would have to be background-clip:text, but it currently degrades poorly. A close second is mask-image, which you can apply to text.

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CSS Drop-Shadows Without Images

# Linked to 8 April 2011 in Code by Pat Dryburgh

Drop-shadows are easy enough to create using pseudo-elements. It’s a nice and robust way to progressively enhance a design. This post is a summary of the technique and some of the possible appearances. (via Mark Forscher)

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Create a vertically centred horizontal navigation

# Linked to 31 January 2011 in Tutorials by Sam Brown

There is a way to have a centred horizontal navigation without knowing an explicit width, and without adding CSS. It’s also remarkably easy.

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CSS background image hacks

# Linked to 17 January 2011 in Articles by Sam Brown

Emulating background image crop, background image opacity, background transforms, and improved background positioning. A few hacks relying on CSS pseudo-elements to emulate features unavailable or not yet widely supported by modern browsers.

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3D Text

# Linked to 6 January 2011 in Code by Pat Dryburgh

It is unbelievable to me that this is created entirely with CSS. From Mark Otto: “3D text using nothing but CSS. No extra markup, no :before or :after mess, and no images. Just progressively enhancing CSS to add some flair to your work.”

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Flexible Nav

# Linked to 30 December 2010 in Links by Levi Figueira

Remember when you needed Flash to create cool navigation menus? Ya, me neither… ;)

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Controlling text size in Safari for iOS without disabling user zoom

# Linked to 21 December 2010 in Articles by Sam Brown

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How To Create a Sweet CSS3 Vertical Navigation

# Linked to 17 December 2010 in Links by Levi Figueira

Pretty cool effect using no images or JS at all. :)

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Webkit Clock

# Linked to 8 December 2010 in Links by Levi Figueira

Not just the clock, but everything on this page is awe-inspiring. What a great showcase of CSS3 and Webkit. It does use some JS, but no images are used (which is amazing considering what’s in it!).

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