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Student-Friendly Guide to Compilers

This new book from CS Press and Wiley covers every topic essential to learning compilers from the ground up and is accompanied by a powerful and flexible software package for evaluating projects as well as several tutorials, well-defined projects, and test cases.


Conferences in the Palm of Your Hand

Let your attendees have their conference schedule, personal conference agenda, and paper listings in the palm of their hands. CPS now offers a conference program Mobile App.


Software Engineering

This special section on the International Conference on Software Engineering features four papers that address important challenges in software engineering research, anticipating and elaborating on new ways to deal with complex software.


Engineering Cloud-Based Services

Cloud computing has been the focus of much excitement in the IT community. This issue of Computing Now takes a look at the many aspects that must be addressed when engineering practical cloud-based services and solutions, especially if services are intended for use in an industrial environment.

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First Commercial Network Deployment of Whitespace Technology

Rod Dir, CEO of Spectrum Bridge, discusses the first commercial network deployment of whitespace technology in New Hanover County, North Carolina.

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The IEEE Computer Society's New Media Center features podcasts, interviews, videos, and webinars in which experts explore hot technologies and distinguish between best practices and hype.


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From Legacy to Enterprise

by Kenneth A. Gotski and Susan K. Land. Winner of an incentive award from the MITRE Ronald Fante Best Paper program.

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ICDE 2012

The annual IEEE International Conference on Data Engineering (ICDE), 1-5 April in Washington DC, addresses research issues in designing, building, managing, and evaluating advanced data-intensive systems and applications.

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Two New OnlinePlus Transactions

TMC and TPDS will join the roster of OnlinePlus titles in 2012, offering subscribers online access, a printed book of article abstracts, and a searchable interactive disk for one low price. Learn more now!

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