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@clarkorr Clark pot'Orr you are truly a wizard of T-shirt design, they come out great sir! # 14 mins ago

Never Expected..

A story of Customer & Creator.

The measure of who we are is what we do with what we have.

I have been hiding the past weeks, working on finalising this bunch of collectables to put on the shelves for you guys, featuring what I would call some of my strongest documentations of the characters to date and the wonder piece that is the Bean Flannel.

These stories have been saved up for a while and couldn’t be more happy to be able to release them, I will be following this post up by spotlighting some of the products and revealing the true depth of these pieces,  showing you the details from the embroidered Suffoca S’s on the flannel cuff  to back prints &  showing homage to some of my favourite creators.

Yet again I have focused on Quality over quantity, to bring all aspects up a notch and introducing a brand new product which for Suffoca is a great milestone in our production. We are still fully focused on T-shirts but really enjoyed bringing in these key products that reflect the brands lifestyle from the Silhouette hoodie, playing on the norm cut of hoodies and adding are own twist of pocket design, to the newly released  quality loop-wheel Suffoca crew’s and now are personal tailored flannels, a true Suffoca collectable.

As many of you know, I like to really search for music which connects, hand in hand, with the story I tell in the movies I make. This wasn’t no exception, I came across a preview of Ghost’s upcoming EP on Soundcloud and had it stuck in my head. It was the track I wanted to use so after a few discussions I got a pre release of the EP. The EP sounds amazing, with a real strong story behind it, so I set it up on a date with the video. The greatest thing about this whole collaboration is that not only that you can get your hands on the whole collection of music but all proceeds go to charity.  Click the picture below to get hold of the music (Out 19th), or you can listen to the preview of the full EP (Click here) and to read up on the story behind it.



If you are not willing to risk the unusual, you will have to settle for the ordinary.

While adventuring around London, I got thinking about the opportunities that you get given and take in your lives, those who grab them and run, those who share them and those who wiggle there way out of them. A lot of my best memories come from taking last minute opportunities, ideas made up spontaneously, I can’t think of one time i have dabbled over going or not and chosen to go and regretted it, lifes to short, live as much as you can, see as much as you see and enjoy it.

The past weekend, we decided to do just that and act on last minute decisions. And what a blast it was, firstly heading over to see one of my idols, Zach Braff in his show “All New People” at the Duke theatre, which just incase your wondering it was really good, the guy is talent at its purest.
    Im sure you can guess from the pictures what we did next….we went for a wonder in the 2 million litres of water that is the london Aquarium.
London Fun Fact *  The smallest statue in london is situated in philpot lane, it’s of 2 mice eating cheese.
I could watch Penguins all day, I wonder if they would watch me.

P.S. I found a uni-corn-fish.

Created to be collected

Everything’s got a moral, if only you can find it.

Ive been filming & and shooting stills for the upcoming drop, it feels like I  have been hiding inside, while knuckling down on the future of Suffoca, crafting away a whole new world. Rather then leaving you in the dark, I wanted to let you guys in to see some of the details, sketches and upcoming prints.
Each time I work on a new collectable, and an older piece slowly slips out of my mind. When speaking to some Suffoca collectors, it always blows me away how some of you have the first shirts I  have ever released. You guys are the type of customers alot of brands dream of having and I’m sincerely grateful for you all, old collectors to those who have or have yet to purchase their first piece. 


A work of art is above all an adventure of the mind.
We’ve started working on aload of neat video & photos for the build up of a bunch of new collectables. One of the first shots being an adventure in the woods, which we discovered this awesome hang out spot which looked like something out of Honey, I Shrunk The Kids with oversized rope swings and trees wide enough to live in, you’ll see this all in the coming weeks.
We also bumped in to this little guy, who was having a shave.

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