Impression Material

  • HB Bite Registration

    A HB bite registration provides a tough,precise occlusal record that resists compression and bounce-back during articulation.

    6081105- Regular Set/ Color- Light Blue /Working Time- 2:00 /Set Time- 1:00 /Total Set Time 3:00
    6081104- Fast Set/ Color- Light Blue /Working Time- :30 /Set Time- 1:00 /Total Set Time 1:30

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  • HB VPS

    HB VPS tray materials come in light,medium and heavy bodies and are highly hydrophilic for precision models, even in multiple pours. Two setting speeds (regular-4 min and fast-set 90 sec) let you work at your own comfortable pace.

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  • Consistency Bite Registration

    Fluffy Mousse like vinyl polysiloxane material. Used for bite registration, copying transfers, and primary impression with bite trays.
    - Exceptional accuracy
    - Plaster-like hardness
    - Dependable, no-slump consistency
    - Choice of setting speeds

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  • Consistency VPS

    Multipurpose and cost-effective High performance cartridge system available in regular and fast set. All viscosities are available Extremely accurate, hydrophilic and strong. Use as a final impression material or an alginate substitute.

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  • Dispensing Gun

    The dispensing gun is used to extrude impression materials and bite registration materials from cartridges. It consists of a release lever and a plunger, which are coordinated simultaneously to load and remove the cartridge. The gun also consists of a trigger to dispense the material. Works with 1 to 1 and 2 to 1 cartridges. Available in two styles for HP cartridges and old style cartridges.

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  • Mixing Tips

    High Performance Mixing Tips for all HP style 50ml impression material cartridges. Tips are color coded according to size.

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  • Mizzy Compound Cakes & Sticks

    Pleasantly scented and flavored compound for taking full and partial impressions, and
    making preliminary impression trays.

    Brown Medium Heat Compound:
    - Plastic at 135˚F (57.2˚C)
    - Ideal for snap impressions
    - Working Temp. 125˚F - 135˚F (52˚C - 57˚C)

    Red Low Heat Compound:
    - Maximum visibility of detail
    - Working Temp. 115˚F - 125˚F (46˚C - 52˚C)

    - Widest working range
    - Renders sharp details
    - Will not fracture while trimming
    - Chill evenly w/out warping
    - Maximum contrast

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  • Plastic Impression Perforated Trays

    Disposable Impression Trays
    - Key-way perforations and side-wall slots ensure material retention.
    - Posterior rimlock feature to minimize secondary flow or gagging.
    - Finger rests ledges for easier patient removal.
    - Smooth finished edges for patient comfort.
    - Rigid design to capture detailed impressions without distortion.
    - Available in blue color.
    - Packaged: 12 trays/bag, 10 bags/box.
    - Available in 10 sizes for easy patient anatomy matching.

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  • Rubber Mixing Bowls

    - Manufactured from quality black, flexible rubber

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