GELATO APF & Neutral Fluoride Gels

Gelato Fluoride Gel – is a 60 second Acidulated Phosphate Fluoride that contains 1.23% Fluoride ion.
• Low PH that provides maximum fluoride uptake in 60 seconds.
• Enhanced flavors for greater patient satisfaction.
• No bitter aftertaste.
• Improved thixotropic properties to ensure closer adherence to enamel and interproximal areas.
• Material consistently offers a unique balance of viscosity and flow.
• Approximately 100 applications per bottle.
• Available in great flavors: Cherry, Mint, Orange Vanilla, Pina Colada, Bubble Gum, Strawberry, Grape and our newest flavors Cotton Candy, Mango Smoothie and Marshmallow!

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24-08277Cherry16 OZEach
24-03377Strawberry16 OZEach
24-01877Grape16 OZEach
24-08677Bubble Gum16 OZEach
24-08777Pina Colada16 OZEach
24-00577Mint16 OZEach
24-11077Orange Vanilla16 OZEach
24-10177Cotton Candy16 OZEach
24-10677Mango Smoothie16 OZEach
24-09977Marshmallow16 OZEach
24-01677NEUTRAL PH Strawberry16 OZEach
24-00777NEUTRAL PH Mint16 OZEach
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