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The Meerkat Media Collective is a self-organized community of makers committed to creating innovative and thought-provoking films through shared authorship and consensus process. Since 2005, the collective has produced and distributed over twenty short films and two features. Their first feature documentary, Stages, won Best Documentary and Audience Award at the HBO New York International Latino Film Festival, their short Brooklyn Boondoggle won Best Documentary of the 2009 Red Hook International Film Festival and How Wal-Mart Came to Haslett and Every Third Bite were both featured in Art’s Engine’s Media That Matters Film Festival.

Inspired by the communal nature of meerkats, we value shared authorship and consensus process in our day-to-day operations as well as in our artistic endeavors. Under a cooperative model, our members give creative and administrative time to the collective in exchange for material and non-material support. We share skills, equipment and ideas with a firm belief that a healthy, inclusive process is as important as crafting quality work.

About the Film

An eccentric NYC band, a tiny Balkan village, and half a million fans transcend borders at the world’s largest trumpet festival.

The tiny Serbian town of Guča explodes with brass cacophony as half a million fans descend upon the world’s biggest trumpet festival. This year’s 50th festival anniversary promises to be an event of epic proportions, showcasing the musical pride of a region still recovering from decades of political upheaval. At stake is a singular moment in history when people from opposite sides of the globe are forced to confront the origins of their cultural identities in very different ways. Brasslands is the story of an unlikely American brass band’s journey across the Atlantic, their music, and just below the surface the human stories that play to this Balkan soundtrack.

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