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Click here to visit the Picklehead Music store. We have a great selection of comedy music, along with acoustic artists, variety artists, theme music (everything from beer drinking songs to music for construction workers).

Our store has a secure ordering system, and we pledge to ship out all in-stock orders by the following business day! 


Win A CD!

Click here to register to win a free CD in our monthly drawing. There's no obligation, and we would never give out your information to anyone (not even your mother!)  


Picklehead Music

   Digital Downloads!

    Lots of our great funny, acoustic, and variety music is already playing happily on I-Pods and MP3 players around the world. We thought it was time to make it easier on everybody, so we're now offering some of our most popular artists' recordings
    for digital download.
    All of our downloads are in REGULAR MP3 FORMAT, so you can play them on any music player or computer.
    You can download just one song, or whole album's worth of material at one time, at a special reduced rate.

    The artist links below are the ones who currently have downloads available.
    Check back often,
    because we are adding more all the time!


        Les Barker  

     Bird and Macdonald

     Terry Cassidy  JUST ADDED!

    Tim Cavanagh        
     Nancy Cook                

          Nick Costner    SONGS ABOUT GOLF!

       Derek and the Slammers

     The Derivative Duo 

       Yancey de Veer  

       Dr. Elmo          

      Wayne Faust   NEW ALBUM!      

     Faust & Lewis  MORE SONGS AND RARE RECORDINGS ADDED!         

     The Flying Mules        

     Steve Glotzer  

    Mylo Hatzenbuehler    

     Kacey Jones   

     Mac Macdonald    SONGS OF THE SLOPES!

     Lauren Mayer  PSYCHO SUPER MOM!

           Sean Morey            Vinnie Penn      

       Cali Rose                          Patty Ross         

     The Original Eddie Spaghetti      

        Michael W Sproul                Toilet Bowl Joel

                             Ian Whitcomb  MORE ALBUMS ADDED!



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