“Yoga for Vets changed my life. The class came into my life just after returning home from Afghanistan. It showed me that medication wasn’t the only form of therapy out there. Since going there my anxiety and stress levels went down and I felt a sense of peace I had never known.”

-Morgan Cooley, 30

“I suffer from lower back pain and posture issues, and recently had a bicycle accident. Attending Anu and Sarah’s classes haved helped to alliviate those problems. They are very attentive with explaining and checking your yoga poses. Also, the meditation and guided relaxation relieve the stresses of my life, and lift one’s spirits. I so look forward to those evenings, and I can’t thank you enough for your time!!!”

-Ralph DeMatthews, Vietnam veteran

“I spent 10 years serving as an infantry Marine and when it came to physical pain I was taught to suck it up and drive on. The idea of taking care of myself was foreign to me, and as a result I continued to suffer from chronic knee and shoulder pain long after I left the Marines, and had no idea how to find relief from the daily stresses of working and living in the city. After attending Yoga For Vets NYC I have learned techniques that strengthen my joints and have begun a meditation practice that helps relieve stress and keeps me in a positive place. The instructors are all veterans and they really get it. The classes are challenging, but will work for you whatever your physical condition. Plus they are free. I would highly recommend Yoga For Vets NYC to anyone.”

-Jake, age 41.

“I enlisted in the New York National Guard from 1965 to 1971, and then served again as an officer in the US Naval Reserve from 1983 to 1994. Since I am approaching my 69th birthday next month, I felt it was important to participate in this program to assist the aging process. I wanted to keep myself limber and relaxed, maintain muscle tone and flexibility, and use proper breathing techniques, hopefully for many more years. I would like to thank Yoga for Vets NYC and Integral Yoga Institute for providing such an important and life-sustaining service free to veterans. The environment you create is truly peaceful and welcoming to all who participate. I have been spreading the word to my former military friends so that they may also take advantage of this valuable program.”

-Louis Patane