Chrome begins to integrate Google Dart

March 8, 2012 Categories: blog by 0 Comments

Test versions of Google Chrome are now capable of running programs written in Dart!  This is another big step Google is taking to promote Dart as an alternative to JavaScript.  For now, Dart support is only available in test versions of Chromium (the foundation of Chrome), but users can infer that future versions of Chrome [...]

Google Ports the Box2D Physics Engine to Dart

January 30, 2012 Categories: blog by 0 Comments

Coders from “Make the Web Faster” have ported Box2D, a popular 2D physics engine, to the Google Dart programming language. Box2D powers well known games including Rovio’s smash-hit Angry Birds.  The existence of a Dart version of Box2D makes Dart a viable candidate for advanced web game applications.  While this port is still a work-in-progress, [...]

Eclipse Announces Google Dart Support

January 21, 2012 Categories: blog by 0 Comments

Ian Skerret, from Eclipse’s marketing team, announced in a recent blog post that Eclipse will begin to support Google Dart.  Google’s Dan Rubel is working on a Dart Editor based on Eclipse. This is great news for Google Dart adopters!  The first step to Dart’s proliferation is the acceptance of Dart by other tech industry [...]

Microsoft takes a shot at Google Dart

November 29, 2011 Categories: blog by 5 Comments

This week’s big Google Dart news was Microsoft taking an opposing stance to Google’s new operating language.  Members of Microsoft’s JavaScript team were quoted as saying, Microsoft cites that all of the Web’s most popular applications use millions of lines of JavaScript.  While they agree that JavaScript needs to be evolved and improved, they argue [...]

Google Releases Dart Editor for Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux

November 18, 2011 Categories: blog by 0 Comments

Google just released an editor for Google Dart that is available in three formats!  You can find them here:   Check it out, play around, and let us know what you think. The release of this editor is a great sign that Google is putting the resources behind Dart that it will need to succeed.  [...]

Will Google Dart support existing JavaScript Libraries?

November 7, 2011 Categories: blog by 0 Comments

There was a great discussion on recently that analyzed the possibility of Google Dart supporting existing JavaScript libraries. For now, it sounds like programmers will not be able to call JavaScript directly from their Dart code.  An insider from the Google Dart team responded, Arstechnica notes that Google’s introduction of Dart and furthering of [...]

Google Releases Dart Programming Language Specifications

October 26, 2011 Categories: blog by 0 Comments

Google has recently posted a very useful “Dart Programming Language Specification” document on their Dart homepage.  Access it here! Key Points This document is incredibly comprehensive, and definitely worth checking out.  It’s impressively put-together (for a programmer’s standard!) and is a sign that Google is serious about giving the Dart the support it will need [...]

Google programmer Bob Nystrom answers your Dart questions

October 19, 2011 Categories: blog by 0 Comments

If you have any lingering questions about Dart, Google’s new programming language, make sure you head on over to Reddit, where Google programmer Bob Nystrom is answering a ton of Dart-related questions!  You can participate in Bob’s Reddit thread here. This is truly one of the best resources we’ve found for Dart programming so far, [...]

Why Dart’s Open Source is so Important

October 18, 2011 Categories: blog by 0 Comments

Google’s new Dart programming language is an open source system. What is open-source software? Open-source software is software that is available in source code form.  This openness and free availability allows for open-source software to be developed in a public way.  A study by The Standish Group reported that open-source software saves software programmers and [...]

Dart vs JavaScript

October 12, 2011 Categories: blog by 0 Comments

Google’s new programming language, Dart, has its sights set on replacing JavaScript as the industry-standard for Web application programming.  What are the real differences between Dart and JavaScript? Differences between Dart and JavaScript There is still a lot of speculation over the features and specifications of Dart.  One thing is for sure though: Google is [...]

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