What is Dart?

Dart is a newly developed Web programming language introduced by Google.  It is a structured, object-oriented language that is designed to improve on and ultimately replace JavaScript.  Dart is a class-based language that is designed to make programming for the Web easier.

What makes Dart different from JavaScript?

Despite the two languages differences, Google has done their best to make Dart familiar to Javascript programmers.  Google programmers have said that Dart will particular excel in:

  • Ease of programming
  • Security strength
  • Efficiency of scaling

How can I learn more and begin programming in Dart?

Be sure to check out our Dart Resources and dartr.com Forum to interact with other Dart developers and ask any programming or general questions you might have.

Sometimes the easiest way to learn a programming language is to dive right in and start coding.  Dart is designed to feel familiar to programmers, especially if you’re experienced with JavaScript.  You can jump right into coding with the Dart App Engine.

Will Dart catch on?

It’s no secret that Google thinks JavaScript is inferior software.  Despite JavaScript’s shortcomings, Dart is facing an entrenched well-established programming language by entering this head-to-head competition.

Google is such a behemoth in the tech sector that I would never bet against them.  If they do succeed in making Dart a significant upgrade to JavaScript, they have the connections and world-wide reach required to help the new programming language take off.

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