Music Videos

Artist:Library Voices
Song:Traveller’s Digest

Description: An exercise in productivity, This video was shot during our very busy NXNE Live in Bellwoods picnic, the Saskaton native’s were in town for this short period of time, and luckily we were able to shoot the video with the limited amount of time we had. Lucky for us Library Voices are trained carpenters which made the coffin building process go smoother than we could have ever expected.

Artist:Dinosaur Bones

Description: This idea was inspired from seeing kids dressed up in costume one day in Trinity-Bellwoods park, with the help of a Viral MuchFACT grant, this vision came to life. The battle scene was shot in north Toronto’s Sherwood Park. It would not have been possible without the amazing support and patience of the child actor’s and their families.

Artist:Ruby Coast
Song:Made To Change

Description: The video was organized by the lead singer, Justice McClellan, he brought together the figure skating team with our video production team at one of the most beautiful backyard location. After a quick brainstorming session on the ice with the skaters, we shot their routine and incorporated the surroundings, which matched the movement of the performance perfectly.

Artist:Tokyo Police Club
Song:Wait Up (Boots of Danger)

Description:We were extremely grateful for the opportunity to create this video for Tokyo, with help from a MuchFACT grant, we had the ability to create exactly what we had conceived in our wildest dreams. Following a narrative this video see’s the band at their “practicing” space, but focuses on the journey that their canine friend goes on. Gathering neighborhood friends (dogs) and running to have a grand party that humans alike would love to attend. Our goal was to have a video that you could never frown while watching, and I think we accomplished just that.

Song:Kneel On The Apron

Description:This video was shot and edited in one weekend, the concept was completely inspired from the tone of the song. The location was generously donated to us by the Carr family, and was perfect to convey the visual feeling we had hoped to document. We would like to officially thank the Carr family for allowing us to shoot at the location. This is the acting debut of Mike Juneau Sr. and we could have not asked for a better performance from anyone. Also thanks to my Dad for acting for us and his willingness to take our direction and expressing the exact feeling we were trying to capture, even though we did not inform him of the tragic ending of the video until it came time to shoot the final scene. -Mike

Artist:Rock Plaza Central
Song:I Am an Excellent Steel Horse

Description: This is the first video that Humble Empire created from the beginning to the end together. Mike Juneau had the original concept for the video, himself and Kyle McCreight, along with Jesse Ewles all worked tirelessly with the generous help of friends, family, the band, and a factor grant to produce this video. Which received an award for “Best Music Video” at the 2008 Finger Lakes Film Festival.


Description: The band DD/MM/YYYY did a cross coast US tour, documented their travels, and set up in various locations and played “imagine” the Empire got the footage, Kyle ripped the footage and transferred it to a usable medium, then Mike diligently put together the hours of footage into this final piece. is neither affiliated with the authors of this page nor responsible for its contents. This is a safe-cache copy of the original web site.