Testimonial from happy customer:
I've arrived from the post office to take my Norvise, and I'm surprised with the high quality of the products. They are even better than shown on the homepage. Congratulations Norm, you developed the best solutions on fly tying with the Norvise. It is really unique. All others (including my older ones) are simply "no wise" clamps if compared with the Norvise.  -Arno






The Automatic Bobbin Kit is a great starter package. It includes an Automatic Bobbin (with ceramic tube), three additional machined aluminum spools (four, including the one on the Bobbin) a spooling Arbor to load your thread onto the aluminum spool, and instructions.

Addition Spools or Automatic Bobbin may be purchased separately.


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  • The Automatic Bobbin

    The Effortless Automatic Bobbin is a true marvel that will "automatically" rewind itself, making thread management simple, quick and efficient. This bobbin automatically retracts instantly to the correct tying position, yet remains suspended from the hook where released. Read More>

  • Bobbin Spools (QTY 10)

    Many fly tiers using a variety of working threads find it economical to simply change spools rather, than have a separate bobbin for each thread. These spools hold from 50 to 500 yards of thread, depending on its size (diameter). It’s it best not to "overfill them. Read More>

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Product List

  • Lamp and Magnifier$95
  • Gallows Attachment$25
  • Travel Case$135
  • Dubbing Brush Table$50
  • "Better Flies Faster" Video$15
  • "Tying Flies w/ Norm" Video$20
  • Mounting Board$45
  • Table Clamps (QTY 2)$45
  • Small In-Line Conversion$95
  • Large In-Line Conversion$105
  • Fine Point Jaw Conversion$110
  • Tube Fly Jaw Conversion$85
  • Automatic Bobbin Kit$65
  • Automatic Bobbin$45
  • Bobbin Spools (QTY 3)$15
  • Bobbin Spools (QTY 10)$35
  • Spool Arbor$10
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